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May 2018 Meetup

Sunday was LA Doxies’ May 2018 Meetup, and of course the occasion proved to be another Dachshund Sunday Funday. Proof is in the pictures. 🙂 What I liked most about this particular gathering of 26 happy hounds and their humans, … Continue reading

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T-Rex vs. Dachshunds Beach Edition

An unassuming beach visit turns bananas, when we realize it’s T-Rex Tuesday, and our pack of happy hounds must confront a local neighborhood tyrannosaurus. They give way to chase, as our little badger hunters won’t be intimidated by this supposed … Continue reading

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Rufus celebrates lucky 13

Today there was a lot of hoopla about the solar eclipse, and it was grand for sure, but for us the day was especially significant because Rufus turned 13 years old. 🙂 Thirteen has always been a favorite number of … Continue reading

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Celebrating June 1st

June 1st begins the countdown to my birthday which happens to be June 29th. I usually spend the next 28 days reflecting on the pervious year; like what I’ve learned, where I’ve succeed and the areas I could use some improvement. … Continue reading

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More dachshund TV

This video was from today which is pretty typical of our morning romps. When the dachshunds are awake, we’re all awake. Sound familiar!? The bed + dachshunds = fun! Enjoy the video friends.

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Lost dachshund videos

This video is from July 2012, and the players are Rufus, Emily and Milo. As you can see Emily wasn’t initially a barker but I do believe with the help of Milo, Emily found her bark. Emily was only about … Continue reading

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Dachshund TV

It’s Rufus, Emily and Lily at play. Doxie play is a daily occurrence in our home. Enjoy the show friends. Be advised. When watching the videos, you might want to turn down the volume – especially in the last (bottom) … Continue reading

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