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DOGS promotion extended

By popular demand we’re extending the DOGS Black and Tan Friday promotion by one more day, and like all good things this will come to an end at midnight (PST) on Saturday (11/30/13). DOGS Fall 2013 T-shirt → 1 for $35, … Continue reading

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It’s black and tan Friday!

Listen, ROTW is a photo blog featuring only original dachshund photographs working in partnership with the nonprofit DOGS to educate and entertain our community. We’re not a store or shop. We do offer limited edition dachshund centric items in exchange … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Doxie Friends

Rufus and family want to wish all of our doxie friends and fans a very happy Thanksgiving. We’re grateful for your friendship and encouragement you offer us each time you visit our sites. We appreciate the support you have shown … Continue reading

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Nosey doxies

I love it when I’m photographing dachshunds, and they come right up to the camera with their inquisitive noses to check it out. For me they provide some very entertaining photos. I love seeing those hound dog noses at work. … Continue reading

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Thanks Dachshund Delights

Our friends at Dachshund Delights donated a hug-a-dog harness to Lucy. We have been hiking with Lucy for about month now, since her humans are older and less mobile. We had be loaning her one of our harnesses but it … Continue reading

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Emily Sue turns 2

Today our darling doxie Emily Sue is 2. It has been a real treat to watch her blossom from a shy, fat roly-poly of a puppy to a beautiful and more confident full-grown dachshund. I continue to assert that if … Continue reading

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Celebrating 700

Today is our 700th post and we want to thank all of our fans and friends for tuning in daily and supporting us with your likes and comments. Thank you! We were going to give the coveted spot of 700 … Continue reading

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Dog beds

Everyone is always asking about my dachshunds’ dog beds. We have 7 beds and a crate, but my dachshunds love their snuggle sacks or trundle beds. They super soft faux fur beds that can be used bunched up as a … Continue reading

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The world

I absolutely love showing my dachshunds the world outside of their own backyard. They always seem so happy exploring, smelling new scents and being my companion wherever we go. I especially love to visit our favorite hiking trail after a … Continue reading

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RIP Sandy

It is with great sadness that we must inform our friends and fans that Sandy Valentina Jacobson was humanely euthanized Tuesday. About two weeks ago Sandy was diagnosed with adrenal cancer. She stopped eating and was getting tremendously frail according … Continue reading

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