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Labor Day weekend beach frolic

Today we met some friends at one of our favorite dog-friendly beaches in Southern California for a sunset beach frolic. It was simply brilliant. The crowd was dissipating, the temperature was comfortable and the setting sun proved to be perfect … Continue reading

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Rufus’ party invite

Even though much of it these days is done electronically via email and Facebook, we still enjoy creating a unique, original party invitation for our events. As the countdown continues for Rufus’ big birthday bash in Beverly Hills, we’re thrilled to … Continue reading

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Looking up

It’s looking up now that the long weekend is here. Lily and friends are wishing you and yours a very happy one. Make it a great day dachshund friends.

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Pre-Labor Day weekend beach excursion

In anticipation of the Labor Day weekend, we headed to the beach today. We expect the beaches will be crowded this weekend as many folks say goodbye to summer so we wanted to get ours in before the masses arrive. … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous share

Hello dachshund friends. Today’s daily share is a mixed bag. First, we got some fan mail today from Sammy’s human. Sammy passed earlier this year and true to our tradition here, we pay tribute the beautiful life of Sammy. Sammy’s … Continue reading

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Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day! The occasion is also known as as national dog appreciation day. We love and cherish our dachshunds. They truly add value to our lives and make each day better. Hug them tight and do something fun … Continue reading

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Hug-a-dog harness dress

I love it when people know my girls are girls, and in the dog world it’s not always easy to tell at first glance – especially with the smooth coats. I like to help the public when I can, and … Continue reading

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Sunday dachshund joke

It’s oldie but goodie, I think. Why did the cowboy get a dachshund?! Because he was told to get a long little doggie. As a native Texan, I have a strong appreciation for this joke and an affinity for the cowboy hats … Continue reading

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Frankie & PJ playdate

Last weekend we had an awesome playdate with our friends Frankie and PJ. Lily absolutely loved the two dachshunds; they’re welcome back anytime. Enjoy the photos and video, and remember to celebrate your weekends with your wiener dogs. Have a … Continue reading

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Dachshund pack

Rufus and friends are wishing everyone a very good weekend featuring their fellow lowriders Frankie and PJ. Be certain to do something fun this weekend with your dachshunds. Enjoy friends.

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