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Emily & Rufus weekend

Sibling love.  Bonding doxies.

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Digging doxie

Emily demonstrates her digging technique; is she hunting badgers or earthworms.  The top photo is the last one in the series and my favorite.

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Who did it?

The top photo is Milo and below is Rufus; this is a case of who did it? What’s your guess? One note, even a guilty doxie is completely adorable.

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Pet ID for Me dog tag

This week we’re showcasing a few of our favorite vendors and among them includes the team at Pet ID for Me. I’m a big fan of the ID tags because it allows you to arm your doxie with his or … Continue reading

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Emily’s first couture by Jake Dynnis

As an active member of the Los Angeles dog community for the last 7 years, Rufus and I have made several friends and fans. Jake of Jackrocketwear makes original designs for our pampered pooches and wanted to celebrate Emily’s addition … Continue reading

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Rainy days and Mondays

This Sunday it was a torrential downpour in Los Angeles and Emily’s first. Living in Southern California rain comes sparingly, thankfully. Yesterday the rain was constant, and Angeleno doxies reject the notion that they must go outside when it’s wet. … Continue reading

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Fritz & Asta, the dapple wirehairs

Concluding our week of wirehairs are two of my favorite dachshunds. I think it’s clear I love my classic smooth red and black and tan doxies as evident by Rufus and Emily, but Fritz and Asta have always caught my … Continue reading

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Just another afternoon

This is a common scene at my home many afternoons. Where one goes, the others are sure to follow. My dachshunds definitely enjoy moving about the house and relaxing as a pack.

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More wirehair puppies

We started the week with a few of my favorite wirehairs and we continue today with a few pictures from Sophie’s puppies archives. Adorable.

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Weekly Rufus & Emily post

This week our friend Melissa gave us some refurbished pet stairs. We weren’t necessarily in the market for them, but I think they ended up making a nice addition to our home. They also made for a great photo prop. … Continue reading

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