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Rufus suffers from Squirrel Attention Deficit Disorder (SADD).  He obsesses over them and I personally believe they taunt him.  Darn squirrels!

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Happy Birthday Bailey

The lovely Bailey turned 11 yesterday and in celebration her humans created AARF – American Association of Retired Furballs on Facebook. The group is open to all senior dogs and the people that love them. Rufus is wishing his friend … Continue reading

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Best four-legged friends

Milo can drive me nuts with his barking some days, but there’s no doubt he is Rufus’ partner in crime. Emily happily forgoes the squirrel chasing for grazing ficus tree berries, but Milo is right there with Rufus the whole … Continue reading

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Fall 2012

We’re five days into the fall season. Although the temperature in Los Angeles remains pretty pleasant, Rufus looks forward to pulling out some of his fun and favorite outwear in the days ahead and sharing them with you all. Here … Continue reading

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Beautiful dachshunds

Introducing Georgie and Leo, two very beautiful dachshunds.  I never grow tired of photographing doxies and sharing them.

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Just Emily

Today Emily is 10 months old.  Her 1st birthday is November 25, 2012; I think she is blossoming into a beautiful dachshund.  She is also turning into a very loyal and lovable companion.

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Dapper Rufus

Who says Monday has to be boring. Rufus is bringing sexy and fun back to Mondays.

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Sunday sunshine and smiles

While we continue to support Kaia in her recovery and rehabilitation and wish her well, let’s take a minute to be thankful for all of our blessings. Let’s hug our healthy and happy doxies tight and be grateful for all … Continue reading

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Kaia needs our help

The 5 year-old black and tan dachshund Kaia underwent back surgery early Friday morning. For her human, Jennifer Hales Yandoli, this is her second dachshund to undergo the surgery in less than one year. Jake, Jennifer’s other black and tan … Continue reading

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Emily and Rufus

Emily and Rufus are wishing everyone a very happy Friday. Make it a great start to a wonderful weekend.

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