Life update May 2022

Lily Blossom

Hello friends. 👋🏼😊 It has been a minute since we have offered an official update, so how about we do that now. Overall our pack is healthy, happy and safely staying close to home these days. We are grateful for our life together and really don’t have any complaints. #Blessed #Lucky

Since Rufus’ passing, nearly a year ago, we really struggled to find our new normal. The girls have received lots of attention these last 10 months, but the girls are very different than Rufus and so our routine and habits have had to changed.

Emily Sue

Emily Sue. Emily will turn 11 this November. Yay! Despite being a few pounds overweight, she seems very content with her life. She remains healthy. She had zero extractions this February during her annual anesthetic cleaning. We have changed her diet to a prescription low-fat dry kibble to help offset the weight gain. Paws crossed; we hope it helps. Only time will tell.

Lily Blossom. Lily will be 9 this July, and unfortunately she is slowly going completely blind. She’s bumps into things a little more often, and occasionally gets stuck in unfamiliar environments. It can be heartbreaking to witness, but she doesn’t seem to be having a pity party about it. Dachshunds appear to be very resilient and a model for their human counterparts on how to keep moving forward in the face of adversity. Lily did have an abscessed tooth removed in March after being cleared by her cardiologist for the cleaning. Despite being an expensive sassy sausage hound, Lily seems to be maintaining a good weight at 9/10 pounds.

The biggest contrast between our girls and Rufus: their lifestyle. Rufus was a very active dog; he was always interested in the next adventure. He enjoyed walks around the neighborhood, rides in the car, frolics on the beach, hikes in nature and monthly visits to the dog parks. The girls do not show much interest in regular outings. Our sweet shy girls often remember me of very affectionate and loyal lazy cats. 😂👍🏽

We hosted a monthly meetup earlier this year, and the girls seemed very indifferent to mixing and mingling. Rufus loved our meetups and was a group ambassador; greeting every human and hound that came our way. The girls stayed close and seemed to show little to no interest in others.

I think the outings can be a little stressful for Lily so we get it. She thrives in the familiar. As long as she is being carried or stowed safely in her dog bag, she’s very happy to be out with us. When we do take Emily for short walks, I usually carry Lily while Emily saunters from one smell to the next. Whereas Rufus would race to the door anytime we would leave the house, begging to tag along, the girls do not. They’re great about offering us a very warm and loud welcome home when we return, but have little interest in putting on their harnesses and going with us.

Lily and Emily

Next Chapter. Many have asked if we plan to get another dachshund, and I’d like to believe we will because three was good number for us, but… now doesn’t feel right. I continue to morun Rufus; it gets more bearable daily but… it’s still a challenge for me. Additionally, I believe we owe it to the girls to shower them with all of our attention and love. We don’t know how Lily’s heart murmur and blindness will progress in the years ahead, and I really want to help Emily lose her extra weight. Maybe we’ll revisit the matter of acquiring another dog in 2023/2024. Two is our number for now. But we remain open to whatever the universe provides.

Instagram: In April 2022; our instagram account was hacked. Boo! We had the account for 10 full years, and naturally we had curated a beautiful collection of memories. To lose them all was devastating. Many of them were obviously of Rufus. 🥰✌🏼🌈 The photos are not lost forever, I have backups spread across multiple hard drives and iCloud, and I do hope to recreate a new and improved IG account celebrating the past and present. If you want follow along, please do! Our new IG handle is @MrJohnnyOrtezTibbels. All are welcome.

We also have a TikTok at the same handle name, but have only posted one video. Follow along there as well, and perhaps we’ll create more TikTok content too! Our Twitter handle (since 2009) remains @jortez. And our DOGS Facebook page continues to be You’re welcome to tune in on whatever social media platform you like best. The content will vary slightly from each site, and in the absence of an official entry here, I’ll do intermediate updates on social media. So for the very latest and greatest follow us and get your daily dose of dachshund delight! We’ll be showcasing Emily, Lily, Rufus and friends of yesteryear and today.

I believe y’all are now all caught up and current. Remember your comments are always welcome here and on our socials. We enjoy hearing from you so please don’t be shy. Update us on you and yours now!!! Love ya!

Affectionately yours,
Emily, Lily and their humans. 😘

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10 Responses to Life update May 2022

  1. Rahima says:

    Always love reading your posts, Johnny. The descriptions and insights bring a smile and sometimes a wave of nostalgia that brings me to the brink of a tear. And then I get the dachshund no woes spirit back and focus on the blessings of having had sweet little ones like Opus and Rufus. May your heart continue to heal in Rufus’ absence, may the girls be healthy and happy and maybe we will all see a new addition to your family when the time is right….

    • Awe. Thanks Rahima. Always nice to hear from you. When in doubt, I just follow Rufus’ lead. He was never sad or angry; but simply happy and easy going. He never dwelled on the past or worried about the future, he just lived for the present and I that’s all I can try to do. We take it a day at a time and celebrate each day for the gift it is. Love ya! 🥰✌🏼

  2. Timothy Nance, PhD says:

    Love to you guys ! And that Rufus can’t be replaced right now, Johnny, is maybe a blessing as you referred to spending More time with the girls in their senior medical years.! I know that it’s been over 10 for us since our last “Angel Dog” Casey left us, and there’s not a place big enough to hold her replacement yet. But we too remain open to the universe ! Be Well guys !

  3. Sarah Bivens says:

    You’ve always been the best ambassadors for dachshund owners❤️ Thanks you for the gift and ability to share your Doxie life (joys and sorrows) with all of us. Thanks Johnny. Xo

  4. Joy Brunn says:

    Sure wish you were looking for 2 beautiful handsome boys who are the most affectionate sweetest dogs I’ve ever fostered. They are totally devoted to each other but always want to be on a lap. Just go near a harness and they go nuts and are ready to go. They are near perfect. I love them dearly and they are happy and enjoying life here with 8 other dogs. Is anybody good enough to adopt these boys? I’m not in a hurry for them to leave but really hope the perfect home comes along.

    Wishing my best for poor Lily. I’m assuming this is a genetic issue and not old age. Emily’s 2 sisters are now blind from a genetic problem.

    Babe had back surgery in December. He continues rehab with water therapy and laser treatments. He’s doing as well as can be expected but seeing him with his arched back breaks my heart. Knowing he’ll never be the same as before his surgery hurts but at least he’s walking and running. We still enjoy our time together every morning in the recliner. Our special time. And he still sleeps close enough to touch me in bed.

    Mindy has Cushings and looks like she’s ready to have a litter of puppies any minute. Her days as a therapy dog are coming to an end. She is my 4th therapy dog and will probably be my last. Back to the vet to check her blood again to see if her meds need to be changed.

    I still miss my Kasie. She was special and one of a kind. She was so devoted to me and I was lucky to have her for 14 years.

    I miss our group and our meet ups. Those were great times. Looking forward to a visit to SLO this summer to see Suzie and Harvey and check out the area.

    Say hello to Kirkland.

    Joy & the Doxies


    • Thanks Joy. Getting old and living with dachshunds isn’t for wimps that’s for sure. Good luck with your bonded pair. Emily and Lily are both thriving. Thank you for saving them for us and our family. Best, JOT

  5. gina fomin says:

    Thank you for the beautiful update ❤

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