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A Rufus day

Rufus is wishing everyone a very happy day – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing make it a fantastic one dachshund friends. Smile because you’re loved by a dachshund.

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I like taking the mundane and making it more interesting or entertaining. I assert life is best enjoyed when care is given to the details. Mealtime with dachshunds is certainly amusing on its own – as our chow hounds typically … Continue reading

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Another beach day

Walking on the beach is a such good exercise for our dachshunds. The resistance the sand offers our long-bodied hot dogs is great for working the leg and back muscles, but safer than trudging up steep inclines or doing stairs. … Continue reading

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Random Lily

Wishing everyone well. Smile, it’s Lily.

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We’re back

After a few days away we’re back. It’s a new day and a new week filled with lots of wonderful possibilities. I hope y’all aren’t growing tired of these beach pictures because we’re certainly not getting tired of sharing them. … Continue reading

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Tour guide continued

Wednesday we showed visiting friends our favorite beach, but Tuesday Rufus and I showed another out-of-towner friend our favorite hiking trail: Shelf Road. I think these photos are especially sweet because in the top photo you see Rufus getting a … Continue reading

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Playing tour guide

We love our city and we love it even more when we’re able to share it with our friends. We have some friends visiting from out-of-town, and it’s been fun showing them some of our favorite hangouts. These are from … Continue reading

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Wiener Dog Wednesday with Emily

Emily loves you all. Smiles and tail wags.

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Hobbs, the brindle smooth dachshund

I know it’s such a cliche, but it’s also so true, our dachshunds are almost always under foot at least a few hundred times a day. Sunday we met this very handsome brindle dachshund named Hobbs. He had that very … Continue reading

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Spencer the longhair

A little something for all the longhair dachshund fans: Spencer. Also as a polite reminder we still have some longhair dachshund T-shirts available. Check to see if we still have your size. Your tax-deductible donation includes 2-day UPS shipping. Spencer … Continue reading

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