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Triple the dachshund fun

Rufus, Emily and Lily wish all of our dachshund friends well. Be happy doxie people. This was the scene today as we prepared to go for an adventure. Everyone patiently waiting at the front door with their hug-a-dog harnesses and … Continue reading

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The girls

Emily and Lily are two precious darling dachshunds, and I’m so grateful for them both. Our days are filled with several sweet and funny moments like these. Have a wonderful one dachshund friends.

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It’s Dora, the explorer. Everyone really liked the all black smooth dachshund Molly so I thought we’d share another all black smooth dachshund: Dora. I remember someone saying they’re rare (which is something many like to say despite any validity … Continue reading

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Good Golly Miss Molly

Today’s post is for our friend Debbie P. in Rosemount, Ohio. She really responded favorably to a recently shared picture of Molly – the all black smooth dachshund with that singular expressive ear, so we decided to make her today’s featured dachshund. Molly … Continue reading

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Rufus vs. leaf blower

Rufus is one tough dachshund. He is not intimidated by a loud leaf blower. If we let him outside while we blow, he’ll bite the rubber end. Inside he remains just as courageous, barking and defending his home and his loved ones … Continue reading

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Classic Rufus

Rufus being Rufus. He loves to rub his face and snout on rugs, cushions and anything soft. Sound familiar?! He is such a sweet boy. Have a great one dachshund friends.

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Dachshund beach day

It’s HOT in Southern California. Hitting triple digits today we’re grateful the cool and refreshing Pacific Ocean is only 12 miles from our front door. So we met a friend and her wieners at the beach for a little fun … Continue reading

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Dog park visit

Today was just another quiet day at the dog park with my dachshund pack. Make it a great one friends.

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Random slice of life

More random slice of life moments with dachshunds. Whatever they’re doing wherever they’re doing it, I love them! How about you?!  

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Making new friends

Sunday, funday was spent at a local dog park hanging with our new friends: Marley, Kenny, Jimmy, Nicky and Phoebe. It’s always cool making new friends, and we’re really excited about hanging out with these low-riders again in the future. … Continue reading

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