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Rehoming Dachshund alert

Update: Saturday, March 23, 2019 5:05 pm CST — We have received a lot of interest in Remy already and the person overseeing the rehoming is a little overwhelmed. Therefore, we’re removing the number for now. They’re going to take … Continue reading

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Prepping for tricks and treats

My pack and I love Halloween. I love dressing up our little sausage hounds in funny costumes, and they’re excellent models. They love the treats they get for being such good sports, and I love the way they look. They … Continue reading

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Friday Frist Look

Introducing the loveable Heidi. She’s an adorable piebald dachshund puppy that just recently relocated from Southern California to Texas. My pack and I are certainly going to miss this precious bundle of joy, but we are very grateful that we got … Continue reading

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Sweet reunion

Rufus, Emily and Lily‘s humans were traveling for much of July without their little sausage hounds in tow. It has been three full years since we have been separated for any significant time, and we often prefer to only go to places where … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Lily!

So… one week ago today (Sunday, July 19) Lily turned two! We were so busy with family visiting from out of town and our monthly meetup that day that we really didn’t get an opportunity to publicly celebrate our adorable … Continue reading

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More of Olga Rose

Olga Rose is growing fast, and getting prettier every day. She’s a wirehair dachshund puppy, but her wirehair-ness has yet to come in. Nonetheless, her personality is all dachshund; she’s brave, curious and smart. She’s also very fast; she’s always … Continue reading

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Dexter, the longhair dachshund

We met this adorable 5-month old, piebald, longhair dachshund puppy this weekend at our local dog park. His name is Dexter and he was visiting from Los Angeles. The camera loves this handsome hound, don’t you agree?! I don’t think … Continue reading

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More Olga Rose cuteness

Here’s a little more Olga Rose cuteness; a short video of our photo shoot / play date. She’s simply adorable; she’s so sweet that I’m certain I left with a cavity or two. Have a wonderful day dachshund friends.

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More dachshund beach meetup mania

We captured some sweet video from Sunday’s dachshund beach meetup and here it is. In addition to our other varied social media posts on Facebook, Twitter (Jortez) and Tumblr, we hope to add regular weekly videos to YouTube so be … Continue reading

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More dachshund TV

This video was from today which is pretty typical of our morning romps. When the dachshunds are awake, we’re all awake. Sound familiar!? The bed + dachshunds = fun! Enjoy the video friends.

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