DOGS T-shirt Summer 2014

DOGS T-shirt Summer 2014 | Smooth edition.

DOGS T-shirt Summer 2014 | Smooth edition.

DOGS T-shirt Summer 2014 | Longhair edition.

DOGS T-shirt Summer 2014 | Longhair edition.

DOGS T-shirt Summer 2014 | Wirehair edition.

DOGS T-shirt Summer 2014 | Wirehair edition.

Presenting our third installment of DOGS’ limited edition, collectible T-shirts! All previous designs have been retired and there’s no guarantee we’ll produce a fourth installment. However, we have created another series of limited-edition T-shirts using the talents of photographers and artists Johnny Ortez-Tibbels and Kristin Adams.

Like before, the shirts are a Canvas made in the USA unisex shirt, and it is the charity’s gift to anyone making a tax-deductible donation of $40 or more (which includes 2-day UPS shipping and Paypal fees). If you’re having a hard time deciding between the three take advantage of the following discount: 1 for $40, 2 for $60 and 3 for $80. To enjoy the multiple shirt discount all shirts must ship to the same address. Also since we still have some books left – 102 Dachshunds, you can get an autograph copy and a T-shirt of your choice for $135 (a $40 savings).

The charity only produced a limited amount of these terrific tees (and books), and they’re already going fast. When they’re gone, that’s it. You can only get these shirts here!

These are the sizes and quantities the charity currently has available. They will be distributed on a first-come and first-serve basis. If your preferred size is out of stock you’ll be contacted about an alternate size (if one is not already indicated).

Thanks in advance for the consideration and continued support.

1) Smooth (Rufus) in royal blue with white ink.
2) Longhair (Sophie) in navy with grey ink.
3) Wirehair (Joey) in black with grey ink.

Smooth (Rufus) Longhair (Sophie) Wirehair (Joey)
S 0 1 0
M 0 0 0
L 0 0 0
XL 0 0 0
2XL 0 0 0
3XL 0 0 0

Make your tax-deductible donation today by clicking here, and have your shirt(s) shipped 2-day UPS on the next business day while supplies last!!


DOGS T-shirt Specifications

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