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Black and tan smooth doxie

Yesterday we showcased a few red doxies, but today we’re featuring the smooth black and tan; another classic in the dachshund community.  Abbey, along with a 101 other dachshunds, is in the one-of-kind book – 102 Dachshunds.  If you haven’t … Continue reading

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Random red doxie cuteness

Rufus and Ryker are representing for the regal red dachshunds in the community – smooth and longhair.  Do you have classic red dachshund?!  Share yours with us on our DOGS Facebook page.

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Sweet Emily

Emily. I have a photographer friend that keeps a collection of photographs of friends and clients (she’s a human photographer) with their eyes close. Some might discard or delete pictures of humans with their eyes close, but not her. And, … Continue reading

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More Tasha & her mates

Tasha enjoying her new family.  Such precious pups.

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Fun with dachshund packs

Creating a photo blog has been a great tool for me to exercise my photography and Photoshop skill set. I photograph and/or edit photos daily and it’s been a great way for me to experiment, to improve and to entertain. … Continue reading

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Fun with color

Here is my interpretation of color blocking with dachshunds.  Fun!

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Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles

I first met Tamara Pitman in February 2012, as a foster parent helping varied local rescues. After many years of serving other rescues organizations and spending a small fortune in the process, Pitman decided to created her own rescue endeavor: … Continue reading

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Tasha and her pack

Here is Tasha with some of her pack mates: Jorde, Ryker and Tasha.  It’s great to see everyone getting along nicely.  There already seems to be a strong rapport among the pack in such a short time.  It warms the heart. … Continue reading

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I introduced Tasha, formerly Josie, when she was a mere rescue (in late March). And, I’m thrilled to report that she has been adopted and runs with her own pack of humans and doxies today. Her family says she is … Continue reading

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It’s Emily

Emily says hi to all and wishes everyone a very good day.

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