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Lola & Bruno

Lola, the red longhair, and Bruno, the red smooth, are a bonded pair. As evident by the pictures, the two were very comical to photograph. At the time of the photos Bruno was 1 and a half and Lola was … Continue reading

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Emily is blossoming

Our little 8-week old rescue pup continues to blossom. At 5 months Emily is maturing in to a very fine example of a black and tan smooth dachshund.

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Mischievous Milo

Today’s post is dedicated to Milo after a scare on Thursday. Milo was out in the backyard exploring as usual, when all of sudden I noticed from the kitchen window that he started to limp and lick his front paw. … Continue reading

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I heart Rufus

I never grow tired of looking at Rufus. His communicative tail, his expressive ears and his beautiful brown eyes tell a story that I could listen to all day. I love Rufus.

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Rescue doxie alert Chandler

Introducing the 12-year-old longhair piebald dachshund Chandler. He is a big ball of loveable fur. The senior doxie was surrendered by his human, an elderly person. His adoption is being overseen by Southern California Dachshund Relief. For a special Flickr … Continue reading

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Get well soon Colin

Our friend Colin, the longhair English cream dachshund, is recovering from back surgery. As lovers of the breed we know potential back problems are a natural risk for any doxie, but that never makes it any easier when it happens. … Continue reading

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Rufus votes for the underdog Sharon Needles

I make it a habit to rarely participate publicly in popular culture television voting or discourse, especially since everyone usually has a strong opinion.  Today I’m coming out of the closet as a RuPaul’s Drag Race fan. It’s reality TV … Continue reading

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Doxie lines

I absolutely adore the silhouette of our dachshunds. I love the natural lines of a doxie’s body, head and ears. These pictures and post celebrate those recognizable profiles.

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Sophie the brindle doxie

Today we’re celebrating the unique coat of a brindle dachshund: Sophie. The coloring is more commonly seen in boxers and other big dog breeds, but our diverse dachshunds mean to represent. Sohpie’s beauty serves as the inspiration for her namesake … Continue reading

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High alert

“Do you hear what I hear,” Rufus ask Emily. She replies, “Do you see what I see?” Birds, squirrels and butterflies beware, this yard is guarded by dachshunds.

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