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Huntington Dog Beach

Lake Arrowhead on Tuesday and Huntington Dog Beach on Wednesday, Emily is living the posh life of a Southern Californian doxie.  Here’s a video of Emily & Rufus enjoying the beach.

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Lake Arrowhead

I’m a huge advocate of showing our doxies the world outside of our private homes, and this Memorial Day weekend I introduced Emily Sue to Lake Arrowhead. This was Emily’s first boat ride and with Rufus, a lake veteran, by … Continue reading

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The girls’ club

Emily is usually the only girl around these parts so it was fun to see the dynamic change slightly with another female around: Grizzly the wild boar wirehair. The two seemingly got along nicely and Emily was very curious about … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Many Americans celebrate the occasion barbequing and proudly displaying our country’s flag. My two hot dogs, Rufus and Emily, are … Continue reading

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The wirehairs’ last day

My weeklong doxie sitting duties of the wirehairs is coming to an end. It has been a wonderful week with lots of fun memories and pictures. I will miss my funny furballs, but luckily for me they only live down … Continue reading

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It’s a Westin Henry day

Westin Henry bursts with confidence. He is a bold barking hunter as he diligently guards the backyard in regular intervals, but when he comes inside he transforms to sweet, lovable ball of fur looking for scratches.  Just another example of … Continue reading

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Emily celebrates 6 months

Emily is 6 months today, and this little 7 pounds of squirmy doxie delight makes me smile daily. She is precious. Proof is in the pictures.  Here is a special video of Emily playing with Rufus and Milo.

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Back to Rufus & Emily

Taking a break from our weeklong wirehair celebration to return to our regularly scheduled program, I bring you the superstars of my doxie world: Rufus and Emily.

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Grizzly, the bearded doxie

With my vivid imagination, Grizzly looks like she has a beard. Beard or not, she is simply sweet and loveable. A lot more reserved than her older bold brother, Westin Henry; Grizz makes for an exceptionally good lap doxie.

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Doxie sleepovers

We’re hosting our friends Westin Henry and Grizzly, two wirehair doxies, while their parents are traveling abroad. Although the two doxies have been featured on the site previously, this weeks is dedicated to them and our continued friendship. Today we’re showcasing … Continue reading

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