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Dachshund fun

Just some good old fashion fun with dachshunds. Dachshunds dominate in my world and they’re presence makes me happy. Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful day friends.

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Just Georgie

While we hosted Georgie I was still under the weather, but I managed to muster enough energy and strength to do a mini-photo shoot. These are some of the fruits of that labor. Georgie is very photogenic, and he was … Continue reading

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Go Georgie go

Continuing with our featured dachshund of the week; these photos show Georgie leading the charge. We’ve known Georgie for almost a year now and he loves to chase the big dogs opposite of the chain-link fence at dog parks. As … Continue reading

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Georgie the gentle giant

We recently hosted Gerogie, the gentle giant. We call him that because at a solid 17 pounds he quickly dwarfs my dachshund pack of miniatures. For perspective Lily and Georgie are roughly the same age. Lily was weighed last week … Continue reading

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Rufus face

One of Rufus’ favorites things to do is to jump on my leg and look up adoringly with those big, round, bright brown eyes. How can I ever say no to this little man. Those floppy ears, that coal button … Continue reading

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Emily & Lily’s beach day fun

The final installment to our Emily and Lily beach day vignette series. As you can see the two had a lot of fun running freely on the beach while I carefully kept watch. Love my girls. Have a wonderful day … Continue reading

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Emily beach weekend

Continuing with yesterday’s Emily beach theme, we add Lily to the mix today. Lily is a shy dachshund – especially when it comes to meeting new dogs and people, but she’ll happily follow Emily and Rufus anywhere. In these pictures … Continue reading

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Emily makes me happy

When I take pictures I try to capture an emotion in that moment. When I’m editing those same pictures later I try to select those that best represent the feeling that I or we (as in my photo subjects) were … Continue reading

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RIP Max and Baxter

Yesterday our community loss two wonderful dachshunds: Max and Baxter. The only silver lining in their passing is that both dachshunds lived very long and full lives. Both darling dachshunds were featured in the book for charity 102 Dachshunds. If … Continue reading

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Hunting rabbits x2

The early dachshund get his rabbit, or at least gets to see it. Earlier today with the early morning fog still lingering Rufus was fixed on two invading rabbits. I can only imagine what was racing through my little hunter’s … Continue reading

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