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66 of 366 Y’all really like us

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51 of 366 Wirehair wonderfulness

Just some wirehair wonderfulness from last year. I just love these handsome looking hounds. Don’t you friends!??

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Wirehair delight

Hi friends. We’re in a doxie frenzy here preparing for our forthcoming 2nd Annual Dachshund Fine Art Photography exhibit. I’ve been editing like madman and making the hard decision of which images to showcase. With some many cute faces it’s never easy. Among those … Continue reading

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Earlier today we met some friends and went for a lovely leisurely hike. The trail was dusty so naturally when we got home, it was bathtime. Everyone loves a clean wiener. Enjoy the photos friends and here’s to hoping you … Continue reading

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Wirehair friends

For the next few weeks we’re hosting our wirehair friends Wes Henry and Griz. So our pack has temporarily grown to five. These two adorable ragamuffins look more like muppets to me than dachshunds, but no matter their appearance, their … Continue reading

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More of Olga Rose

Olga Rose is growing fast, and getting prettier every day. She’s a wirehair dachshund puppy, but her wirehair-ness has yet to come in. Nonetheless, her personality is all dachshund; she’s brave, curious and smart. She’s also very fast; she’s always … Continue reading

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More Olga Rose cuteness

Here’s a little more Olga Rose cuteness; a short video of our photo shoot / play date. She’s simply adorable; she’s so sweet that I’m certain I left with a cavity or two. Have a wonderful day dachshund friends.

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Meet Olga Rose

Olga Rose is the single wirehair dachshund puppy from Sophie. I love photographing dachshund puppies. Olga is starting to walk and is very curious about the world around her. It’s super sweet to witness, and I’m happy to share the … Continue reading

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RIP Sammy

Last Thursday, June 19 we got word that Sammy the wirehair dachshund had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. These are absolutely my least favorite types of emails to receive, but I’m always touched that their humans contact me and let me … Continue reading

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Wirehair dachshund friends

Hello dachshund friends! It’s a wirehair day featuring Sammy and Sophie. Sammy and Sophie are considered soft-wirehair dachshunds (I believe). For me, wirehair dachshunds have an unique range in appearance because their look is so dramatically affected by their humans’ grooming … Continue reading

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