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T-Rex vs. Dachshunds Beach Edition

An unassuming beach visit turns bananas, when we realize it’s T-Rex Tuesday, and our pack of happy hounds must confront a local neighborhood tyrannosaurus. They give way to chase, as our little badger hunters won’t be intimidated by this supposed … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Rufus and friends want to be certain to wish all of our friends – both near and far, a very Happy Easter. We spent the day outside with some local mates and enjoyed the warmth of the Southern California sun. … Continue reading

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Rufus & Emily get their teeth cleaned

On Tuesday, Rufus and Emily had their annual anesthetic teeth cleaning. This was Rufus’ fourth & Emily’s third consecutive year. Lily and our friend Milo go next Thursday, and it will be Lily’s first time. She’ll be four in July. I’m always … Continue reading

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Dog park antics

Sunday was just another fun day with friends at the local dog park. We always have a good time hanging with our hounds and their friends. Hope you and yours are having a great one. Enjoy the fun photos.

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Happy Father’s Day!

If my dachshunds could write a Happy Father’s Day note, this is what I imagine it would say. Dear Dad. Thank you for consistently taking us to the beach for our exercise. The winding ride in the car is always fun, … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day friends! Memorial Day is often confused with Veteran’s Day. Veteran’s Day is all about thanking all who honorably served our country, and Memorial Day is about remembering those who died in battle. A friend said it best, … Continue reading

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A lovely day in the neighborhood

Today we took the hounds for a walk around town and found this darling lemonade stand. We had seen it before in passing, but this afternoon proved to be the perfect occasion to snap a few shots. The purple polo … Continue reading

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DOGS’ Spring 2015 T-shirt campaign

By popular demand (and down right insistence) we’ve created our Spring 2015 T-shirt campaign featuring Rufus, dachshund extraordinaire. This time around we’ve partnered with Represent.com to oversee the fulfilment of orders. In addition to the positive reviews, we’ve gone with them … Continue reading

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April 2015 monthly meetup

Yesterday was our dachshund Sunday funday and we celebrated with about 35 dachshunds and their humans at a local dog park. It was a picture perfect afternoon for it; proof is in the pictures. Enjoy dachshund friends.

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Action Lily

Lily really comes alive at the beach. Lily can be a shy little bug, but in certain environments and circumstances, she really seems to shed the inhibitions and runs free. She especially enjoys the beach. Perhaps because she’s being going there regularly … Continue reading

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