T-Rex vs. Dachshunds Beach Edition

An unassuming beach visit turns bananas, when we realize it’s T-Rex Tuesday, and our pack of happy hounds must confront a local neighborhood tyrannosaurus. They give way to chase, as our little badger hunters won’t be intimidated by this supposed apex predator. Size never matters to a dachshund. The T-Rex tries to grab our frosty face pack leader, Rufus, but his backup babes won’t have it and come to his rescue. With their attention diverted, the T-Rex snags their bag of treats inciting more dog drama. Emily Sue and Lily Blossom give the beast a piece of their collective mind and demand he returns their snacks and withdraw before anyone gets hurt. After a lot of brave barking, and a little dance, the monster leaves us in peace. Stay tuned though friends, because we feel like we haven’t see the last of this goofy guy. ūüôā

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© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | www.Rufusontheweb.com

T-Rex Tuesday with Dachshunds Beach Edition © Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | http://www.Rufusontheweb.com

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2 Responses to T-Rex vs. Dachshunds Beach Edition

  1. cadaisyjane says:

    Oh that was hilarious!! Our doxies are courageous little critters, doesn’t matter the size they will take it on. Go get ’em Rufus, Emily and Lily ūüôā

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