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Hi friends. It’s Rufus, Emily and Lily again. We wanted to wish all of you a wonderful week. I’m living for these @peteralexander monster hoodies we picked up in Melbourne last summer. Loving them mucho, mucho. 🙂 This winter season is probably … Continue reading

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T-Rex vs. Dachshunds Beach Edition

An unassuming beach visit turns bananas, when we realize it’s T-Rex Tuesday, and our pack of happy hounds must confront a local neighborhood tyrannosaurus. They give way to chase, as our little badger hunters won’t be intimidated by this supposed … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Little lovely Lily & our regal Rufus are wishing all of our friends a very sweet Valentine’s Day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ And we’re a huge advocates that if you don’t have a Valentine this year, be certain to SPOIL yourself … Continue reading

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Dachshund Sunday Funday

Hello friends. It’s another Dachshund Sunday Funday. Whether you’re out and about exploring the world with your happy hounds as your loyal sidekicks, or keeping it chill at home being lazy on the sofa watching the Winter Olympics, we just … Continue reading

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New Threadless shop

Check it out friends; Rufus joins the Threadless family. Here’s your chance to snag some great last minute ORIGINAL gift ideas; grab them for yourself or give them to your favorite dachshund person.  Simple, timeless and clean designs in white or … Continue reading

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Distinctively dachshund gifts

Hello friends. Hanukkah is upon us, and the countdown to Christmas continues with only 12 days left to get your gifts. In effort to help further our community outreach and raise some money for the 501c3 charity DOGS, we’re offering … Continue reading

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Santa pictures

We’re huge advocates of getting your annual picture taken with Santa and your dachshund(s). For us it’s a family tradition that started back in 2010. And I personally really like seeing the progression of 1 dachshund, then 2 dachshunds and … Continue reading

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Hug a dog harness

Rufus has been wearing hug-a-dog harnesses for a decade or more. We have tried other harnesses, and enjoy options, but for us hug-a-dog harnesses have a proven track record. Our handsome hounds get to look stylish while giving their humans … Continue reading

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9/11/01 Never forget. United we stand. ❤ ❤ ❤ Instagram: @jorteztibbels, follow us! YouTube: ROTW: DOGS: DOGS’ Shop: Donate:

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End of Summer

Although summer technically goes on for another 16 days, generally speaking, for many Americans working in traditional corporate jobs AND their children attending traditional schools, summer is over. As a Southern California resident that means, the beaches are once again … Continue reading

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