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Life update May 2022

Hello friends. 👋🏼😊 It has been a minute since we have offered an official update, so how about we do that now. Overall our pack is healthy, happy and safely staying close to home these days. We are grateful for … Continue reading

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Doxierazzie personal photographer

It is my honor and privilege to be the personal photographer to so many handsome hounds and their packs. ❤ I have photographed hundreds of happy hound dogs and their humans, and I never get tired of it. Many affectionately … Continue reading

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Sunday share / Rufus update

Hello friends. As you may (or may not) remember from some of our social media postings, Rufus finally got his anesthetic teeth cleaning on Wednesday, March 13. Yay!!! He was denied on February 12th, a month earlier, due to concerns … Continue reading

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Dachshundcorn or unidoxie?

We may have discovered a new breed of dachshund. 🙂 Unicorn + Dachshund (Doxie) = Dachshundcorn OR Unidoxie Whatever you call it, I think Emily & Lily look precious. ❤ ❤ Emily Sue wears it especially well, I think, but … Continue reading

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Hi friends. It’s Rufus, Emily and Lily again. We wanted to wish all of you a wonderful week. I’m living for these @peteralexander monster hoodies we picked up in Melbourne last summer. Loving them mucho, mucho. 🙂 This winter season is probably … Continue reading

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Hug a dog harness

Rufus has been wearing hug-a-dog harnesses for a decade or more. We have tried other harnesses, and enjoy options, but for us hug-a-dog harnesses have a proven track record. Our handsome hounds get to look stylish while giving their humans … Continue reading

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End of Summer

Although summer technically goes on for another 16 days, generally speaking, for many Americans working in traditional corporate jobs AND their children attending traditional schools, summer is over. As a Southern California resident that means, the beaches are once again … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

Just wanted to wish all of our Dachshunds Dads and Dudes a very Happy Father’s Day!!! We spent the day with our local monthly meetup group outdoors with our two and four-legged friends. Enjoy the photos. ❤

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Help Cappie, please

Hello friends. This is just a friendly reminder and update on the darling doxie Cappie – as some of you have asked. He is doing much better, and of course, his progress comes at a price. Today’s test alone cost his … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Rufus and friends want to be certain to wish all of our friends – both near and far, a very Happy Easter. We spent the day outside with some local mates and enjoyed the warmth of the Southern California sun. … Continue reading

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