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May 2018 Meetup

Sunday was LA Doxies’ May 2018 Meetup, and of course the occasion proved to be another Dachshund Sunday Funday. Proof is in the pictures. šŸ™‚ What I liked most about this particular gathering of 26 happy hounds and their humans, … Continue reading

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Hi friends. It’s Rufus, Emily and Lily again. We wanted to wish all of you a wonderful week. I’m living for theseĀ @peteralexanderĀ monster hoodies we picked up in Melbourne last summer. Loving them mucho, mucho. šŸ™‚ This winter season is probably … Continue reading

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Hug a dog harness

Rufus has been wearing hug-a-dog harnesses for a decade or more. We have tried other harnesses, and enjoy options, but for us hug-a-dog harnesses have a proven track record. Our handsome hounds get to look stylish while giving their humans … Continue reading

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Dachshund Belt

Hello friends. Hope everyone had a very fun and safe Labor Day Weekend. As you’re all getting home and preparing for the week ahead, please be certain to stop by and visit our long-time friends at Blade+Blue. They’re offering this … Continue reading

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Dachshund Beach Meetup

Today was a good day for a Dachshund Beach Meetup in Southern California. The weather was inviting, the beach was not overly crowded for the duration of our stay, and best of all, we enjoyed the company of some great … Continue reading

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Cappie needs our help

Hello friends. Via our monthly meetup groups, we have been afforded the opportunity and privilege to meet some really wonderful dachshunds and their humans. Among them has been Cappie, theĀ adorable super sweet smooth dachshund. ā¤ Cappie now lives with grandma … Continue reading

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Rufus goes to the Grand Canyon (again)

Rufus returns to the Grand Canyon. Rufus and family visited the Grand Canyon once before; and we all had so muchĀ fun that we simply had to make the trip again. Last time we wereĀ there in the summer so, it was … Continue reading

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50 of 366 Darling doxies

Look at these darling dachshunds being so affectionate with each other. I love that the three reds: Rufus, Milo and Lily seem to really like hanging out together. These precious moments also make for great photos. Don’t you think friends!??

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Rufus update; day 17

Rufus got his stitches out yesterday (Friday) – yippee! The wound looks great, but we were reminded that we can’t bathe, play at the beach or do any excessive licking in that area for THREE MORE DAYS, sigh. So, we’re … Continue reading

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