Dogs make me a healthy and happier human

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© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

It’s true. Having dogs in my life has made me a healthier and happier human. ❤ I say this pretty often, and many folks that have cute canine companions agree. But some people (often those without dogs or pets) think it’s more lip service than actual fact. They sometimes ask for examples, as to why and how. Sometimes when pressed in the moment, I can’t immediately think of them, but I am compiling a list, and it’s getting pretty long. 🙂

Today’s share, is a good case in point. But first, a little more background on me. You should know I consider myself and extrovert introvert. What that means to me, is that I never long to be out in the general public among crowds of strangers and in a sea of new people. I often prefer the solitude and comfort of my home and the company of a few good friends, and of course our pack of handsome hounds. Now, once I’m out in public, I’ll put on a happy face, smile and engage with people – but, I’m often counting the minutes til I can be back home. For me, home is my sanctuary. For me, that’s what I mean when I call myself an extrovert introvert.

I’m also a person that loves routine and familiarity. Once I know and like a place – whether it’s a patch of beach, local restaurant or park; I’ll frequent it often and I will be resistant to go somewhere new. For me, if it’s not broke, why fix it. 🙂

Almost a year ago, I heard about a new off-leash dog park in my area, and it has been on my list of things that I need to do. As you can see, I never rush into action when it comes to exploring something new and unknown (especially if I don’t have another human available to go with me). I worry about the parking. I worry what kind of people will be there. Will they be dog-park, rule-abiding people or not so nice, rude people. I’ve experienced both kinds, and I prefer to avoid the latter when I can, especially when I have our precious pups in tow.

Well, as I mentioned last time during our Sunday Share / Rufus Update, we’re celebrating each day as a gift. And I told myself Monday morning, it’s time. What are we waiting for!??? Forcing me out and trying new things, has very much been the good influence of my pack of hounds. Left to my own devices, I’d be less explorative and a lot more sedentary.

Today’s off-leash dog park was a success. The people were friendly, and seemingly rule-abiding. More importantly the other dogs were nice and mostly well-behaved. We’ll certainly be back and continue to evaluate the best time to be there and the caliber of people and pups that go there. But I’m proud of myself and my dachshunds for trying somewhere new, and I give all the credit to them. Sincerely, if it wasn’t for them, I really would be less eager and willing to visit new places. I give much thanks to them long-bodied, short-legged sausages. 🙂

See. Hounds are making human lives better one day at a time. I’m living proof of it people. 🙂  And, that’s only one of the many ways Rufus, Emily Sue & Lily Blossom have made my life better. ❤ Enjoy the photos. It has been really windy here lately, so I’ve been getting some great ear flying shots. 🙂

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© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

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2 Responses to Dogs make me a healthy and happier human

  1. Perri Kimono says:

    This will sound trite but, Frankie, Freddie, Sammy, Sophie and Sherlock, each in their own way, have all taught me about Love.
    They all have made me laugh and so happy in the moment. If I cried, Frankie would lick the tears off. They have made my life rich. Happiness IS a warm puppy and there is nothing like a dachshund!

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