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Let sleeping dogs lie

Photographing sleeping dachshunds is not terribly exciting, and sometimes where our dachshunds choose to sleep and how, may not always make for great photographs. However, they remain a favorite of mine. I do believe fewer things are as precious and … Continue reading

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Lily, Emily & their stick

Dachshunds (and probably dogs in general) love sticks. Despite my continued protest they insist on chewing on sticks. I provide an array of other chew toys, but apparently nothing is as good as an old fashion stick. I’m constantly taking … Continue reading

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Lily’s log: day 10

Sunday marked Lily’s 10-day anniversary with us. She continues to blossom with my pack. Emily provides lots of opportunity for play and rough housing, while Rufus has become her favorite snuggle buddy. Like many dachshunds we all know, Lily loves … Continue reading

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A day at the beach

It’s beach season. These are from last Sunday’s beach excursion.  Sophie the longhair dachshund truly loves the beach – proof is in the pictures.  

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My babies

The apples of my eye: Rufus & Emily.  I’m enjoying Lily tremendously, but I do look forward to the day when I can return giving all my time and attention back to my doxie pair.  I love to spoil them senseless … Continue reading

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Lily and Emily at play

Today’s post illustrates why a dachshund puppy needs another young at heart doxie to be her playmate OR a very active human. Doxie puppies love to eat, sleep and play. The eat and sleep part are easy, but can you … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Lily

Let’s talk about Lily and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about Lily. Oh my goodness, Lily is awesome. I’m big advocate that puppies should not be left home … Continue reading

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Dachshund Delights discount for DOGS

We’re big fans of Dachshund Delights’ hug-a-dog harnesses. I absolutely love them and regular visitors to the site have repeatedly seen my pair sporting theirs. Well… making her hug-a-dog harness debut in one of Emily’s hand-me-downs is Lily. Isn’t she … Continue reading

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Lily’s log: day 4

Lily the tiny 4-pound red smooth doxie rescue continues to do well in our foster care. Her personality is starting to shine through and she doesn’t seem to be overly shy or timid. She is not obnoxiously bold and brave, … Continue reading

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Lucy 2013 update

Last August I met this adorable 7-week-old puppy named Lucy; later that summer I stepped up to co-fostered her with another friend and this Sunday (nearly a year to date) I got to meet the new and bigger Lucy. She’s … Continue reading

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