Let’s talk about Lily

Lily | July 2013.  Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Lily | July 2013. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Let’s talk about Lily and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about Lily.

Oh my goodness, Lily is awesome. I’m big advocate that puppies should not be left home alone – you (as the human) have to either stay home with them OR you take them with you. For the last two days I had to run errands and get some stuff done. Rufus and Emily are trained and trusted so they can be left alone – especially since they have each other, but the unpredictable puppy must be supervised so… I just took her along which is great for her socialization. I’m also a big proponent of bag training dachshunds. I’m a fan of the breed because they’re so compact and portable. Rufus and Emily were both bag trained at an early age (puppyhood) and when I grab their bag today they often race to be the first one in it, because they associate the bag with going on an adventure. I’m happy to say Lily has taken to the bag training like a pro, and at 4 pounds and a few ounces (compared to Rufus and Emily’s solid 11 pounds) she’s easy to carry. She doesn’t bark and appears to be very comfortable in the bag. The bag is often an extension of the crate and Lily fortunately likes both.

Lily’s acceptance of the crate and the bag is a good sign for her perspective parents. She will be a great travel companion if you’re looking for one. Lily is also an exceptionally good lap dog. Give her your lap and she’ll sleep contently for hours. She also appears to enjoy the car and luckily doesn’t get car sick like some doxies do.  If she can tolerate my driving, I’m certain she’ll do fine with all the rest.

I believe many of my friends have started a pool to see how long it will be before I declare that I’m keeping Lily, and it’s certainly a tempting opportunity. She is a beautiful cooper red with a super sweet disposition and a happy go-lucky attitude. However, I tell all foster parents to know your limit before you ever agree to foster. I decided a long time ago that 2 is my magic number. Rufus and Emily are the perfect pair for my family and it will be a long time (or the occurrence of some life-changing event must come to pass) before I consider another. Besides, I think it’d be selfish to keep Lily. Another family out there deserves a great dachshund, and Lily is destined to be a great one. If you think you’re Lily’s forever family complete an application today and get the process started. May the best family win the lovely prize: Lily!!!

Lily | July 2013.  Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Lily | July 2013. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Lily | July 2013.  Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Lily | July 2013. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

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15 Responses to Let’s talk about Lily

  1. barbara hall says:

    exactly! we as fosters get to love them and prepare them to become a well loved family member, lily seems to be destinied for that and you will send her off with confidence, i also have decided two is my limit also. my two are loved and so confident in their positions within the family they dont even bother my fosters anymore! how great is that,! so when mine are being the doxis they are and refuse to fuss over the new fosters ,i get to love them till they too are ready to move on,when you have the mind set( im here to HELP these babys ) fostering is an Awsome job,

  2. Davy Doxie's Person says:

    That was a great opening line!! 😉 Oh my gosh, Lily is another heart melter! She already has the “take me with you!!!” plead down pat. I wish I could find a bag that would hold Davy Jones, I know he would ride along, but he’s probably a bit heavy at just over 15 pounds (all muscle I might ad!). It’s fun to watch Lily progress and she is really blooming. I can see her confidence increasing, reflected in her beautiful eyes. Bravo on the fostering!! 🙂 And Davy Jones is cheering Lily along, on her journey to find her forever family!!!

  3. Laurie says:

    She is absolutely adorable! Wish I lived close enough to snatch her up. My two doxies would love to be her older siblings..

  4. Laura says:

    I live in the south so my dachshund get free rein in a big room with toys and no way to get into trouble. Visiting family or places like that they get to go with me. When older and not as active as a puppy they can climb onto the bed with my husband who sleeps days and cuddle with him. They love it!! My dachshunds sleep with me under the covers. Usually the fight (playfully) is on at night over who gets the middle, especially when hubby is home on weekends. My Boo Boo spent her 14 years sleeping on our bed. If she was at the bottom of the bed and saw one of us coming she’d jump up and race for the middle!! RIP my Boo Boo. Elvis is now laying at the foot of the bed in front of the fan. He spent the morning running 5 of 20 acres (clear cut so he could be seen at all times) at my daughter’s. I have 16 acres and he plays on the 3 acres we have cleared, under supervision. Now he’s in lala land.

  5. Lily is a beautiful little girl…..I filled out an application for adoption on 7/24/13, will I actually hear from anyone re: Lily’s adoption. I live in Indiana, so I don’t know if I have a chance to get her but I am hoping it would be possible. Sending her and your two babies my LOVE & KISSES, bye for now…….

    • You can always send a followup email to Joy at doxykeeper@gmail.com – it’s her rescue. I think she only allows rescues to travel in CA, AZ and NV (I think). I mean it never hurts to try and start a dialogue with her. Often a rescue’s biggest concern about releasing a doxie out-of-state is 1) the home inspection and 2) ALL good rescues will accept their doxies back – no questions asked – if you for some reason you decide you don’t want her, being out of state makes that more challenging. Good luck though. I honestly don’t know Joy’s procedures; if she replies to each and every applicant. Best! 😉

  6. Denise Beard says:

    I already have discovered that I am not able to foster…I had 2 last summer that I only had for a day ( I had found a home & kept them while waiting to transport them) & I was devastated to let them go. My husband knew all along, I really thought I would be able to follow thru…. the good news is that I know the person who adopted them & am able to see them whenever I want..that helps!! Lily is precious, I know I would be a total foster failure if she was with me!!!

    • Totally agree. Fostering is NOT for everyone and I don’t encourage EVERYONE to do it. It takes a special kind of person – to do it properly (I have only done it twice). It’s good to know your limits – whatever they are. Remember you have options when helping rescues: 1) volunteer – fostering, transpo, photographing, etc 2) donate money, food, or other supplies and 3) cross post and email blast on their behalf when the opportunity presents itself. People can do one or all – whatever your comfort level and schedule allows. Every little bit help. 🙂

  7. Turtle Klein says:

    Ok well Lily I got brave and just completed the application just for you little big ears. I had to really think about this, something just kept pushing me….. so we will see what the universe and God has in mind for you. Im sure you will go were you are suppose to and if not with me, I wish you much love and happiness little girl.

    • Good luck! You have a great attitude about it and I agree – the “right family for Lily” will rise to the top and perhaps that will be you?! Thanks for at least throwing your hat in the ring for consideration. That’s a big step. 🙂

      • Turtle Klein says:

        My other 2 doxies have been so sad and depressed since we lost Sadie she was the energizer bunnie that made them both get up and play. Being blessed with fostering the 3 10 week old pups from Foxy doxie has brought them both back to life so I know that getting them and me a new family member “a Baby is the right decision to make. Then when I saw Lily well we will see and thanks for the support rufuson!

      • Keith Collette says:

        I HIGHLY recommend Turtle Klein for Lily. I have known Turtle for many many years and there is no one whom I’d trust more with any of my animals or children for that matter! Turtle spares no expense for her four-legged loved ones and uses a very empathetic veteranarian. She has a very secure front and rear backyard and spends most of her off-time with her dogs. Many people know Turtle and always comment on how she changed their lives-and these are just people! 🙂 Please give Lily the best home with Turtle Klein. ~Keith Collette 360.912.3596

      • Remember I have no say in where Lily goes. Dachshund Rescue and Placement is overseeing the process and the decision where Lily goes rest solely with them. We’re merely the foster family. 🙂

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