Lily’s log: day 18

Lily | August 2013.  Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Lily | August 2013. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Monday marked 18 days of living with Lily. It was also time for her next round of shots, and a checkup by our local vet: Ojai Village Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Sallen said she looks great. In these short two and a half weeks, Lily has put on two pounds and is now a healthy 6 pounds. The office staff commented that Lily had grown (they met her a week earlier during a meet and greet). It’s sometimes difficult for me to notice her progress since I see her daily. When I got Lily she had very few baby teeth (like maybe 2-4, leading me to believe she was younger than 3 months). Dogs are born without teeth and their puppy teeth show up around 6-8 weeks old. I believe Lily was about 6 weeks old when I got her (contrary to her shelter paperwork and guesstimate). Today she has a mouth full of sharp puppy teeth. She is not a big chewer yet, but I predict it’s forthcoming in the days ahead. I have also been practicing with leaving Lily in the crate at home while I run quick and short errands. She whines at first, but I always come home to a quiet house – which is a good sign. She absolutely loves her dog bag and is an excellent travel companion.  Everyone at the vet’s office was very impressed by how “at home” she appears in it. Lily enjoys car rides and doesn’t appear to suffer from any car sickness. Lily’s future human should know she does snore (like Emily), but I find it very endearing. It’s amazing that such loud sounds can come from such a small-bodied being. She continues to love a good lap and appears to be a very alert doxie puppy. Her house training is coming along nicely and her accidents inside have become a lot less as of late. On day 18 we had no accidents, but I know the process ebbs and flow so I’m cautiously optimistic. Lily started off sleeping in the crate (as all of my doxies do – permanent and fosters) but once she demonstrated that she could be trusted to not pee on the bed she quickly graduated to it with the rest of the pack; she’s a great snuggle bug. Whoever ends up with Lily will be a very lucky family. By all accounts she seems to be a very happy dachshund, and I dare say she’s even smiling in the bottom picture to prove it.

Lily | August 2013.  Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Lily | August 2013. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

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11 Responses to Lily’s log: day 18

  1. Sharon Denitto says:

    such a sweetie

  2. mbiajc says:

    Their eyes do a lot of talking, She’s such a precious little doxie I sincerely hope and pray she gets a worthy forever home.

  3. Patti says:

    She’s so adorable,. Anyone would be lucky to have her.

  4. i wish i could ship her to my friend in birmingham, alabama, who lost her lucy a few months ago. lily is so delicious!

  5. Turtle Klein says:

    When I talked to you Sunday you said she had a forever home did that fall through?

    • Turtle you did not talk to us (ROTW) on Sunday. You might have talked to Dachshund Rescue & Placement – the folks overseeing Lily’s permanent placement. However, we (at the stand alone ROTW site) are unaware of any in-depth details on Lily’s placement – we know there were some good candidates under consideration but… we’re unaware of anything being finalized (at this time). Not that they keep us posted on all the going ons. Stay tuned and as soon as we know something, we’ll certainly share with you and the whole dachshund community. Otherwise interested parties wanting to adopt Lily should submit an application via Best!

  6. Suzanne says:

    I see the changes in Lily. Her ears are longer as is her face. She still has that puppy look with the round forehead and eyes but she is changing. I always used and still keep something called Bitter Apple. It comes in a spray and a cream. If my Gretchen is chewing on her leg I spray it. I tasted the stuff myself and it is terrible! I instantly started to gag and salivate so I ran to the sink. Dogs do not like it but they will give you a dirty look and walk away. I also swapped out a dog toy with my shoes when the time came. It is just puppy proofing the house. Lily will be ready to go to her forever home and I hope that she has a few “meet and greets” before she moves. She is so cute and best of all she is secure. You did a good job with her and I understand that Lily has to move on as you do. We will all be sad and are aware that you will miss her greatly. Graduation day for Lily is still a way off so we will all love and savor her sweetness. Suzanne

  7. Davy Doxie's Person says:

    That last photo is priceless!!!

  8. Denise Beard says:

    i agree.. I love the shiny lip!!!!

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