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June 2nd

Birthday month continues. June 1st I spent the afternoon with my pack at the beach, and loved every minute of it. June 2nd, I spent the day being physical and hiking the mountain with Milo and his human. And thankfully, … Continue reading

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Help Cappie, please

Hello friends. This is just a friendly reminder and update on the¬†darling doxie Cappie – as some of you have asked. He is doing much better, and of course, his progress comes at a price. Today’s test alone cost his … Continue reading

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Icebreaker Speech

Tonight at a local Toastmaster’s meeting, I gave the following icebreaker speech. I imagine many of you would enjoy it, along with the slides (pictures) I used. Check it out friends and let me know what you think. ūüôā Thank … Continue reading

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Rufus goes to the Grand Canyon (again)

Rufus returns to the Grand Canyon. Rufus and family visited the Grand Canyon once before; and we all had so much¬†fun that we simply had to make the trip again. Last time we were¬†there in the summer so, it was … Continue reading

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Emily turns 5

Wishing our Emily Sue a very Happy 5th Birthday!!! In celebration of Emily turning a year older, Black Friday weekend and the upcoming Cyber Monday, Emily is happy to offer our friends an exclusive 25% off the “clothing collection” at … Continue reading

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Dachshund day at the beach

Run big dog, RUN! Here is Rufus, Emily and Lily giving way to chase to some random bid dog at the beach earlier this week. They love it there, and this big dog was a great sport about it. ‚̧ … Continue reading

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Election Day 2016

Today we voted in the United States’ 2016 Election. We voted for president, senator, some local county folks and many varied state propositions. And our happy hound dogs were there for moral support while we prepared to vote, when we … Continue reading

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The end of Daylight Saving Time

Hope all of our four-legged (and two-legged) friends are have successfully transitioned¬†to the end of¬†Daylight Saving Time. The hardest part in our family centers around meal time. The chowhounds coming looking with hungry eyes and watering mouths an hour early … Continue reading

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Have a wienerful weekend

Rufus, Emily and Lily are wishing all of our friends a very wienerful weekend OR, perhaps said another way, a very happy hot diggity dog day! Whichever is more fitting, enjoy yourselves and be certain to include them happy hound … Continue reading

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More of Heidi

A little while¬†back, we featured the precious piebald puppy Heidi. Well here is her big finale. I remain a fan of my signature white, but I think Heidi really pops against the black backdrop. Proof is in the pictures. What … Continue reading

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