Help Cappie, please

Cappie's pack November 2016.

Cappie’s pack November 2016. © Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

Hello friends. This is just a friendly reminder and update on the darling doxie Cappie – as some of you have asked. He is doing much better, and of course, his progress comes at a price. Today’s test alone cost his human $260; thankfully the results were good. Cappie will have to be monitored for the rest of the week which includes medicine for the month so his medical expenses continue, boo!

The saving grace in it all, is that it looks like all the medical attention might have worked and saved our sweet friend’s life. Yippee for small albeit expensive miracles. 🙂

We do appreciate all the support our community has already shown, and Cappie’s family has almost reached their GoFundMe goal, but… they’re still a little ways away. If you haven’t yet, please consider doing one of two easy things…

FIRST, please consider donating to Cappie’s GoFundMe page. Every dollar helps and makes a different.

SECOND, for the next seven days (until Sunday night, May 28) we’ll donate 50% of all sales from the DOGS’ Shop to benefit Cappie and his life-saving medical care. So, if you have been considering a T-shirt, box of blank cards, a book or other limited edition dachshund centric collectible, please know NOW is a great time to get yours. Each purchase is a tax-deductible donation.

Many thanks in advance for the consideration and continued support. Please remember, it could have easily been one of our dachshunds. Please show Cappie and his pack some love and give whatever you can – whether that’s a donation via GoFundMe or buying something from the DOGS’ Shop. All of it helps. Thank you! 🙂  #HelpCappie #DachshundinNeed #Friends

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5 Responses to Help Cappie, please

  1. Jeannie Taylor says:

    I want to donate to help Cappie.  I prefer to call and talk to someone and make sure it goes for him. Bless his heart. Prayers.

    • Hi Jeannie. We totally understand your position. You’re welcome to call call the vet direct and make a payment towards Cappie’s care. The number is 818-881-5102. Dog people are the best people ! Come on Cappie!!! 🙂 Thank you Jeannie for asking.

      • Jeannie Taylor says:

        Thank you for getting back with me. I love Rufus and all your dogs. He is my favorite. I am praying for Cappie. My little Jack Russell mix had a tumor removed and had her teeth cleaned. I was so nervous. She is 10 yrs old now and she is my my little buddy. I am cheering Cappie to get better!! Been a dog person my whole life!!

      • Jeannie Taylor says:

        Hello, I just called the vet. Erin said that Cappie has gone home. She is checking around to see if this is legit. Said that Cappie is doing better. What is going on.

  2. Jeannie Taylor says:

    Thank you so much!!

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