Cappie needs our help


Cappie | Photo by:


Cappie | Photo by:

Hello friends. Via our monthly meetup groups, we have been afforded the opportunity and privilege to meet some really wonderful dachshunds and their humans. Among them has been Cappie, the adorable super sweet smooth dachshund. ❤ Cappie now lives with grandma (and her two other dachshunds) and has been thriving in the pack with Laci and Sparky.

However, like many mischievous dachshunds can do, when our backs are turned, Cappie got into some trouble this weekend. He ate about 45 pieces of sugar-free gum when mom wasn’t looking. Ugh. As many of us already know, Xylitol is a common ingredient in gum and is poisonous to our dogs.

After a very emotionally crazed weekend with some sleepless nights and long hours at the emergency vet, Cappie appears to be stable. He’s not completely out of danger, but things are looking good – thankfully. And now comes the harsh reality of the vet bill!!! Yikes.

We’ve all been there before and know what it’s like as dedicated, doting dachshund humans, so I wont belabor the issue. But instead, will ask for your help. In addition to all of your well wishes and positive healing thoughts, we’re asking friends to do one of two things:

FIRST, please consider donating to Cappie’s GoFundMe page. Every dollar helps and makes a different.

SECOND, for the next seven days we’ll donate 50% of all sales from the DOGS’ Shop to benefit Cappie and his life-saving medical care. So, if you have been considering a T-shirt, box of blank cards, a book or other limited edition dachshund centric collectible, please know NOW is a great time to get yours. Each purchase is a tax-deductible donation.

Many thanks in advance for the consideration and continued support. Please remember, it could have easily been one of our dachshunds. So show Cappie and his pack some love and give whatever you can – whether that’s a donation via GoFundMe or buying something from the DOGS’ Shop. All of it helps. Thank you! 🙂 #HelpCappie #DachshundinNeed #Friends

LA Doxies' May Meetup

LA Doxies‘ May Meetup

LA Doxies' May Meetup

LA Doxies‘ May Meetup

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2 Responses to Cappie needs our help

  1. Jeannie Taylor says:

    Cappie, I hope you feel better. Prayers are with you.

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