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Happy Adopt-a-versary Rusty

The red smooth dachshund Rusty was rescued three years ago, and just celebrated his adopt-a-versary this weekend. I photographed Rusty at my home in Hollywood in February 2011, and despite his checkered past and tattered appearance, he was an excellent … Continue reading

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DOGS Longhair T-shirts

Being a nonprofit in today’s financial climate is certainly a challenge. Asking folks to give for the shake of giving seems to be a harder pill to swallow for many these days. I think most want to give. At Dachshund … Continue reading

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Return to hiking

An article in the New York Times recently appeared discussing obesity in our dogs. Sadly many dachshunds are prone to putting on extra weight if we are not diligent with their diet and regular exercise. With a recent move, some … Continue reading

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Emily is a total doll of a dachshund. She will always be my first girl doxie. Lily is my spirited Punky Brewster character, and Emily is simply pure sweetness. Rufus is king, Emily is an understated elegance and Lily is … Continue reading

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My girls

Emily and Lily have the right idea. Let’s just stay in bed and snuggle a little while longer. Have a great day friends.

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A new day

It’s a bright new day. We got a few new Dachshund Delights’ hug-a-dog harnesses and took them (and the doxies) for a walk around the neighborhood yesterday to see how they’d do. They all – the new harnesses and dachshunds … Continue reading

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Window shopping

Staring out the window for Rufus is probably the equivalent of his humans watching TV; I assume it is a form of entertainment for him. Rufus can seemingly sit there and stare out the window for hours with this intense … Continue reading

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Good luck Jake

We got a personal request from Jake’s human this weekend. Today Jake is undergoing a deep teeth cleaning. He apparently got an infection in his mouth and a with a decreed heart murmur had to visit a cardiologist before proceeding. … Continue reading

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Doxie piebald finale

I love to photograph the dachshund form in the studio with my lights and backdrops, but I also enjoy a natural lifestyle shoot. You’ve seen the piebalds Theodore and Lucy in the studio, and today it’s all about them in … Continue reading

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More piebald doxies

More fun with the piebald dachshunds Theodore and Lucy. Limited Time Offer: The fulfillment house that I used to create our original ROTW blankets is extending a 2-day special to our nonprofit. So… if anyone wants a blanket we’re offering … Continue reading

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