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Lily & Rufus at Bates beach

Lily is so funny. The other day I had to take her to the vet for a vaccine and since she was the only one who needed it, I thought it would be a fun outing for just us two. … Continue reading

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Emily at Bates beach

Emily is so photogenic and stylist in her pink Dachshund Delight hug-a-dog harness. The glassy wet sand is her dogwalk! Enjoy friends.

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Rufus at Bates Beach

Rufus enjoying the sunset and low tide at Bates Beach. I think this made for a really sweet picture. What do y’all think friends?!

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More fun from Bates beach

I think my dachshund pack can be intimidating especially to big dogs when all three rush to¬†surround one. Luckily most of the big dogs that frequent the beaches we visit are friendly and well socialized. I love watching them circle … Continue reading

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Bates beach

Rincon Beach Park (or as locals call it, Bates’ Beach since it’s located off the Bate’s exit from¬†the 101) is a new favorite patch of sand for us. Moving from LA County to Ventura County has been an adjustment, but … Continue reading

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Emily darling

Emily entertains me daily; they all do. I really enjoy how bonded my dachshund pack is, but I also truly appreciate how different each one is. Emily is a true character; they all are. Emily is a stunning good-looking dachise … Continue reading

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Lily meets another Lily

Last week at our local dog park we met another red smooth female dachshund named Lily. It was sweet and Lily Blossom (mine) was very curious about the other Lily. Proof is in the pictures. Have a wonderful day dachshund … Continue reading

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Wiener dog Wednesday

Bringing it back. I used to write a column for an online publication and my weekly contribution was called Wiener dog Wednesday. Well, I no longer write for said publication but why not continue the tradition here. Today we feature … Continue reading

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Emily and her pack wish everyone a very fantastic day. Make it a great one friends.

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Run Rufus run

One of my favorite things is watching Rufus run. When he runs, he seems so happy and free. I love giving my dachshunds the opportunity to run free in a safe location – like dog friendly beaches and dog parks. … Continue reading

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