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More sunset beach fun

It truly warms my heart to know my dachshunds have bonded. As an observer it’s sweet to witness genuine moments of friendship between the pack. My two girls consistently look to Rufus for guidance, and he’s happy to lead. I’m … Continue reading

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Sunset beach fun

Finally, it has cooled to reasonable temperatures in SoCal. However, earlier this week we headed to the beach to dip our paws in the cold and refreshing ocean. The combination of the setting sun and nearly empty beach was fun. … Continue reading

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Hound dogs

Let there be no mistake, our little sausage dogs are hunters. They love to flush out potential prey and give way to chase. For us it’s mostly squirrels, a lizard or two hiding in the lavender bush and the occasional … Continue reading

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Black and tan Tuesday

Just some random gratuitous photos of our Emily Sue for our friends on this Tuesday. She’s a real beauty in my opinion and the camera loves her. These shots are from yesterday; she (along with her pack mates) was tracking a squirrel … Continue reading

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Lily’s first official collar

Lily is our third dachshund, and I affectionately refer to her as our happy accident. Unlike the others whom were methodically planned; Lily was a foster failure that just happened when we least expected. My love for her is equal … Continue reading

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Buddy & Buddy-belts

Today we publicly say goodbye to a friend: Buddy, the black and tan smooth dachshund that inspired the fame and stylish harness of the same name – Buddy-Belts. Our wirehair friends Asta and Fritz have been longtime fans of the harness and … Continue reading

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This afternoon we had some fun with bubbles. Emily and Lily were unsure and a little frightened by them, but Rufus after a few minutes quickly became indifferent. I think with the setting sun in the background, the moment made for some … Continue reading

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Be a patron

At the encouragement of family and friends, I have created a Patreon page. Patreon allows my teckel friends to support creative folks like me. As a dedicated dachshund artist, I give much of my photography services to the long-bodied, short-legged hound community for free. I … Continue reading

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Rufus’ party video

At the behest of all of our friends that could not be there with us, we created a 20 minute video that captures Rufus’ 3 hour party – pretty much from start to finish. We considered live streaming the event, but … Continue reading

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Rufus’ party goers

We’re still recovering from all the fun on Sunday, but we finally managed to sort through the photos. Here are few of our favorites. Big thanks again to all of our friends who participated in celebrating a beautiful decade of … Continue reading

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