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We’re back

Hello dachshund friends. We’re back! After being away for a few days while we hosted DOGS‘ very first Dachshund Fine Art Photography gallery show in Ojai, California we’re finally back in the offices and in front of the computer. We … Continue reading

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Sandy Emily

Emily enjoyed herself a little too much this week while at the beach. She was covered in sand before long and had to get a bath as soon as she got home. I think they all brought part of the beach home … Continue reading

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102 Dachshunds the book

Our 501c3 charity Dachshund Outreach Giving and Socialization (DOGS) is turning two at the end of the month. To celebrate the  milestone, for the first time to the general public, we’re offering the limited edition, collectible book for $102 – … Continue reading

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Dachshund beach frolic

Taking a break from all the preparations for the upcoming DOGS Gallery Show, the pups and I headed to the beach for a little fun in the sand and surf. My dachshund trio really seem to enjoy the beach, especially … Continue reading

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RIP Sammy

Last Thursday, June 19 we got word that Sammy the wirehair dachshund had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. These are absolutely my least favorite types of emails to receive, but I’m always touched that their humans contact me and let me … Continue reading

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Our friends were poisoned

Today we got a very sad phone call from our friend saying his dachshunds Rex, Seal and Charlie were poisoned. The news was heartbreaking and infuriating; it’s hard to imagine that someone would be so cruel and malicious. To read all … Continue reading

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Thank you Dachshund Riesling

We are officially counting down the six days until our DOGS’ 2-day exhibit of Dachshund Fine Art Photography next weekend in Ojai, California. Over the course of the next several posts we’ll be sharing event details, and publicly thanking those who have … Continue reading

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Lenny needs our help

Our little friend Lenny, the chocolate dachshund, needs our help. Lenny was rescued about 2 years ago. His checkered past in unknown, but he arrived at his forever family pretty pitiful and disheveled. But like many rescues, after some tender … Continue reading

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Chocolate play date

Yesterday we had a play date with one of our oldest dachshund friends: Benny. We don’t see much of him these days since his humans had a child a few years ago, but each time he and Rufus get together … Continue reading

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RIP Daisy Mae

Today our community loss a real gem. Our friend Daisy Mae has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I was there the day here mom took her from a local rescue as a foster, and like many of us, she became … Continue reading

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