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Random Rufus and Emily

Random sweet moments with Rufus and Emily while at Sunday’s dachshund monthly meetup. Top photo: Rufus bask in the sun while keeping company with two young boys. We got a lot comments on Sunday that Rufus is so good with … Continue reading

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Longhair mania

Yesterday during our monthly meetup, we got to hang with 23 other dachshunds. Among them were these adorable longhairs. I absolutely love this longhair dachshund pack: Huck, Bowie, Penelope and Zero. What do you think dachshund friends?! Too much cuteness … Continue reading

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Celebrating dachshund dads

Today we celebrated Father’s Day by attending LA Doxies‘ monthly meetup with our fellow dachshund friends and other dachshund dads. What I love about these impromptu portraits in the park are their diversity in people and hot dogs. The dachshund … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all the dachshund dads a very Happy Father’s Day! Make it a great day friends.

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Sophie, Sophie, Sophie

Sophie is one of the most beautiful longhairs I have ever met, and those luscious locks come at a cost. She is brushed daily, professionally groomed regularly and travels with her own comb at all times. You can run your … Continue reading

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Sitting pretty

Today we want to talk about another distinctively dachshund characteristic: sitting pretty. This is when a dachshund sits on his hind legs and goes from completely horizontal to vertical. We DO NOT recommend or encourage people to teach their dachshunds … Continue reading

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Distinctively dachshund

Do you think a dachshund’s face is distinctive?! I do. I can’t really explain why, because although most dogs have eyes, ears and a nose (some longer than others); not all are alike. When I see a dachshund’s face to me it’s … Continue reading

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Dachshund sleepy time

I wonder if other dog people truly enjoy watching theirs sleep as much as dachshund people do. I think watching our darling dachshunds sleep is so relaxing and peaceful. To see them sleep really makes me so happy and my heart full. How about … Continue reading

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Emily is well again

After a tough 24 hours, Emily is well. If you haven’t been following along on DOGS’ Facebook page, Emily was taken to the vet yesterday and digital radiographs showed a possible blockage. We elected to wait 24 hours and see … Continue reading

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Red Monday

It’s a red smooth dachshund day. Wishing everyone a great one. All of these four darling dachshunds are featured in our book 102 Dachshunds. There are still copies left if you haven’t already got yours. *** DOGS Summer T-shirts are … Continue reading

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