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A pile of love

It truly warms the human heart when I happen to walk into the kitchen and find all three dachshunds piled up together basking in the warm rays of sun. To me that’s the look of genuine unconditional love. These three … Continue reading

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Dachshund sleepy time

I wonder if other dog people truly enjoy watching theirs sleep as much as dachshund people do. I think watching our darling dachshunds sleep is so relaxing and peaceful. To see them sleep really makes me so happy and my heart full. How about … Continue reading

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Sweet Cuba & Havana

These are Rufus’ friends Havana and Cuba. Darling dachshunds, wouldn’t you agree?! Love a good dachshund pile now and always. Have a great one dachshund friends.

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Dachshund pile

My dachshund pack wishes you a great day. Make it a fantastic one dachshund friends. Also please remember only TWO more days to get your raffle tickets. Donate a $1 to charity for a chance to win one of seven dachshund … Continue reading

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Dachshund pile

From our dachshund pile to yours, make it a great one dachshund friends. Emily proudly watches over the sleeping reds.

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