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Happy Thursday

Hello friends. Last week was emotionally rough for us with Rufus’ dental cleaning being denied, but it’s a new week and we’re pushing forward. Life and time stop for no man or dog. Truthfully, we took this week off. After … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me!

It has been an amazing countdown to today, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with friends near and far, in person and via the convenience of modern technology i.e., texts, Facebook, Instagram, etc. HUGE thanks to all … Continue reading

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30 of 366 Pack love

As February quickly approaches, the month of love, I’m reminded of the many different kinds of love that exist. Like sibling love, or as I prefer to call it, pack love. Rufus was a lone dachshund for 7 years and … Continue reading

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A pile of love

It truly warms the human heart when I happen to walk into the kitchen and find all three dachshunds piled up together basking in the warm rays of sun. To me that’s the look of genuine unconditional love. These three … Continue reading

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