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Porch pack portraits…

Friends. When this pandemic is finally over, and we tell the story to future generations of where we were when it happened and with whom we were quarantined, what will you say? #FoodForThought In addition to any personal anecdote and … Continue reading

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Happy Thursday

Hello friends. Last week was emotionally rough for us with Rufus’ dental cleaning being denied, but it’s a new week and we’re pushing forward. Life and time stop for no man or dog. Truthfully, we took this week off. After … Continue reading

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Rufus celebrates lucky 13

Today there was a lot of hoopla about the solar eclipse, and it was grand for sure, but for us the day was especially significant because Rufus turned 13 years old. 🙂 Thirteen has always been a favorite number of … Continue reading

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More Dachshund Days of Summer

Hello friends. As hump day comes to an end, we hope everyone is well midweek and keeping cool during this long hot summer month. Thankfully, our handsome hot dogs have kept cool by visiting our local dog-friendly beaches. Beach days … Continue reading

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11 of 366 A pile of love

These photos are little darker than I normally like, but what they lack in proper lighting they make up for it in sweet sentiment. Pack dynamics are distinct for each and every single family and some dogs like to hang … Continue reading

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Road to recovery; day 11

Today was a milestone for us. It was Rufus’ first public outing since he was attacked. He still has his stitches for three more days, but we elected to go out and about despite them since his wound seems to be … Continue reading

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