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Family day at Dog Park

We love our hikes at nearby waterfalls, we love our sunset walks on the beach and we love attending our monthly meetups throughout Southern California, but sometimes we have just as much fun or more visiting our local dog park … Continue reading

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Another Dachshund Sunday Funday

    Organizing our monthly meetup events can sometimes be more works than I enjoy (in the moment), but once my pack of hounds and I are there on the scene and see all of our friends (new and old) … Continue reading

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Rufus makes contact

I absolutely adore this series of photos featuring Rufus from last Sunday’s meetup. Rufus is always very curious about the canines on the big dogs‘ side. This particular dog from the other side looked very much like wolf or coyote hybrid, and watching … Continue reading

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Road to recovery; day 11

Today was a milestone for us. It was Rufus’ first public outing since he was attacked. He still has his stitches for three more days, but we elected to go out and about despite them since his wound seems to be … Continue reading

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Random dog park cuteness

These photos are from last Sunday’s monthly meetup. Always a good time with our low-riding hounds and their humans. Enjoy the photos friends.

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Dog park visit

Today was just another quiet day at the dog park with my dachshund pack. Make it a great one friends.

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More of elegant Emily

Emily enjoys dog parks at sunset, regular hikes and walks on the beach. What are some of your dachshund’s favorite pastimes?!

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