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Longhair dachshund friends

Hello dachshund friends. Today is a longhair dachshund day featuring two of my favorites Tasha and Ryker. Both are rescues from DRLA and it’s awesome to see them thriving in their pack. Only THREE days left to pre-order your DOGS … Continue reading

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Smooth dachshund friends

Today is a smooth dachshund day featuring our one and only Emily Sue. Isn’t she simply lovely?! On another note, thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered their DOGS Summer 2014 tees. Your support always humbles me. The new wirehair … Continue reading

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Wirehair dachshund friends

Hello dachshund friends! It’s a wirehair day featuring Sammy and Sophie. Sammy and Sophie are considered soft-wirehair dachshunds (I believe). For me, wirehair dachshunds have an unique range in appearance because their look is so dramatically affected by their humans’ grooming … Continue reading

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A good day

Wishing all of our dachshund friends a good day from Rufus and Emily. Also as a polite reminder, there are only 6 days and counting to pre-order your DOGS Summer 2014 tee at the discounted donation price point. Don’t miss … Continue reading

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DOGS Summer 2014 tees

It is with great pleasure that we’re able to debut our DOGS Summer 2014 T-shirt designs. As promised, with our third installment we’re now offering a wirehair edition: Joey in black. Additionally, all other previous designs have been retired and … Continue reading

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Big personality

Anyone who has ever known and loved a dachshund, knows they are small dogs with big personalities. I believe today’s pictures are evidence of that fact. Dachshunds tend not to see themselves as small, vulnerable dogs, but more like kings … Continue reading

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Dachshund tip

Today’s dachshund tip: when in doubt, leash your dachshund for his safety and your peace of mind. I frequently visit many off-leash venues, but we almost always start off on-leash until I’m fully able to assess the environment and feel … Continue reading

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Happy Easter from Lily

Lily is a work in progress, and every day she melts my heart. She is so eager to please she shakes with excitement. In her pictures she always looks scared or worried and it’s so precious. I’ll try to give … Continue reading

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Easter Bunny Emily edition

The Easter themed celebration continues. Today we feature Emily. We showcase a photo from 2012 when she was only a puppy and one from this week. As you can see Emily has truly blossomed into a very fine dachshund model. … Continue reading

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Happy Good Friday

We happily wish everyone a Good Friday. Today’s photos are fun because the top one is from yesterday and the bottom one is from 2012 when Emily was just a puppy. It’s cool to see how Emily (and Rufus) have changed … Continue reading

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