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Throwback Thursday Easter edition

Hello Dachshund Friends! It’s almost Easter and as I work on some new Easter themed photos here is a look back at some of my favorites from 2012. Rufus is a photographer’s dream dachshund model. He is so good about … Continue reading

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Bear, the dachshund

Today’s feature is Bear the standard longhair red sable dachshund. He is very handsome and photogenic. Don’t you agree?! Enjoy the photos dachshund friends and make it a great day.

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Lily gets some socialization

Today was a rare occasion. I took all three of my dachshunds to a local meetup. I often only take one or two to these gatherings because I always want to properly watch all of my darling doxies when in public … Continue reading

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Tuggo dog toy

Today’s feature photos (and product) showcase the Tuggo dog toy. We will share more details about the product in the days ahead, but I have to tell y’all my dachshund pack (especially my reds) really seem to enjoy their new toy. Proof … Continue reading

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The Fab Five

The Fab Five are pioneers in my dachshund play dates and pictures. They were among the first dachshunds I ever photographed professionally, and long before Emily or Lily was ever a possibility, there was Polie, Leo, Kaia and Jake. The Fab … Continue reading

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102 Dachshunds the book

For this week’s Throwback Thursday entry, we’re featuring the wirehair Westin Henry and Rufus from our 2011 photo series. The two dapper dachshunds are in our book for charity 102 Dachshunds. You can still get your autographed copy of the first run, … Continue reading

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Looking out

Am I weird?! I love watching my dachshunds stare outside, and I especially love it when they do it as a pair. I try to imagine what they might be thinking; what they may be seeing or hearing. How about your dachshund?! … Continue reading

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Dachshund puppies

In February 2012, I photographed my friend’s wirehair dachshund puppies. I love dachshund puppies; they’re truly a guilty pleasure of mine. I’d love to have a whole litter of dachshund puppies all to myself, but thankfully I have showed restraint … Continue reading

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Emily is about 2 and a half years old, and today she had her first anesthetic teeth cleaning. I’m thrilled to announce she did great! What was extremely comforting for me, was our vet and his transparency. He gave me … Continue reading

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Lazy dachshund days

Rufus day dreaming on a beautiful California day. Make it a great one dachshund friends.

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