Alpha movie review + Meetup

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

Rufus © Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

It was “treat-myself” Tuesday (yesterday) and I decided to take in a matinee screening of the movie Alpha before it was gone from theaters, and I must tell you, I really enjoyed it. 🙂

The story telling was a basic formula, but the cinematography was stunning; really breathtaking on the big screen. And although the science and historic recounting may not be completely accurate (if at all) I still loved seeing the reciprocal relationship of human and canine. ❤

Besides being beautifully shot, the love story between man and wolf truly resonated with me, and reminded me of my own relationships with my happy hound dogs: Rufus, Emily & Lily. But especially my deep love affair with Rufus. In the movie, the wolf and boy take turns saving one another throughout their journey, and it’s just so sweet and rang true for me and my experience.

I continue to write regularly about how my dogs have taught me much in our time together, and it’s not exaggeration to say they have saved me in many ways.  They have saved me from moods of depression, self-pity, taking myself or a situation too serious, and most importantly, they have taught me to live in the moment. They don’t seem to hang on to the past or worry about the future, and I really enjoy trying to emulate that spirit I see in them daily. To model oneself after a dog, is not a bad thing, I’d say. 🙂 I just recommend we reframe from licking oneself in public. Ha!

The movie prompted me to think of this one photo; it showcases Rufus and another dog  that resembles a wolf, in my mind. See above. I snagged it while at a dog park in May 2016, and thought it was appropriately fitting for this share. #GoodTimes

Well, as luck has it, we’ll be back at that same dog park this Sunday for LA Doxies‘ monthly meetup, and of course, if you find yourself in the area, you’re invited.

Here are the meetup details:

Sunday, September 16 @ Arcadia Dog Park (small dog section) on 2nd Ave. and Colorado Blvd. Arcadia, CA 91066 From 1 pm to 4 pm; group picture will be taken around 2:30.

All dachshunds, small dog dachshund-friendly canines and their humans are welcome.

Join us if you can. And if you get chance, watch the movie Alpha, and let me know what you think. If you’re big dog lover, like I am, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 🙂

LA Doxies' Monthly Meetup

Join us! For LA Doxies’ Monthly Meetup.

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