Dachshundcorn or unidoxie?

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | www.Rufusontheweb.com

Emily Sue as Dachshundcorn © Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | http://www.Rufusontheweb.com

We may have discovered a new breed of dachshund. 🙂

Dachshund (Doxie)
Dachshundcorn OR Unidoxie

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | www.Rufusontheweb.com

Lily as Unidoxie © Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | http://www.Rufusontheweb.com

Whatever you call it, I think Emily & Lily look precious. ❤ ❤

Emily Sue wears it especially well, I think, but Lily refused to be left out. She wanted her chance on the pedestal in the unicorn headdress. Ha!!! #HalloweenieIsComing 🙂

My darling dachshunds will do almost anything to please and entertain their humans; thank you girls, for always be such wonderfully great sports about playing dressup with dad. ❤ You both melt my heart. #ILoveYouMucho

Enjoy your daily dose of dachshund friends.


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4 Responses to Dachshundcorn or unidoxie?

  1. dackels says:

    Very adorable!!

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  2. My dachshund won’t let me dress him up, but they both look super cute!

  3. Gina Fomin says:

    They are Precious!!!!! I vote Doxicorn. LOL 🙂 Have a blessed day!

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