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End of Summer

Although summer technically goes on for another 16 days, generally speaking, for many Americans working in traditional corporate jobs AND their children attending traditional schools, summer is over. As a Southern California resident that means, the beaches are once again … Continue reading

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Happy Hump Day Dachshund (friends)

It’s another Wiener Dog Wednesday, public service announcement edition, and today we’re talking about happy humping hounds. We’ve all experienced it. We’ve laughed. We’ve been embarrassed when it’s our dog doing the humping publicly; and we’ve been probably equally embarrassed … Continue reading

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59 of 366 Wrangler & Wiener Dogs

Celebrating #WranglerWednesday and #WienerDogWednesday in one entry. Last week we took an hour drive up the mountain to Pine Mountain Trail and snagged the chance to see some snow. Living in Southern California means we can be at the beach on Sunday … Continue reading

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Wiener Dog Wednesday

It’s one of your favorite doxie trios: Rufus, Emily and Lily. Today it was a nice cool 73 degrees and it finally felt like fall in Southern California. We celebrated the occasion with a 2 and a half mile hike up … Continue reading

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