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Day 4 of 2020

Little lovely nervous Lily is a true dachshund when it comes to food; she is very food motivated. ❤ #ChowHound We love this precious pup. How about you?! We’ve all watched her grow from a tiny tot to a little … Continue reading

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Day 3 of 2020

Love these two beauties. Emily is 8 and Lily is 6, and later this year they’ll be 9 and 7. Yikes!!! We have no more puppies in this happy household; I, of course, remember them as puppies like it was … Continue reading

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Day 2 of 2020

Here is your moment of dachshund zen for day 2 of 2020; courtesy of Rufus, Emily & Lily. ❤ Rufus skipped lunch, but finally (and thankfully) had a few treats and some dinner. We’re all hanging in there. Hope you … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Hello friends & Happy New Year!!! To all of our great surprise Rufus is STILL HERE. ❤ He has had a bad case of diarrhea these last few days, and his appetite isn’t very strong. He refused dinner tonight, but … Continue reading

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Santa photos 2019

Continuing the family tradition for 10 consecutive years. Big thanks to the #PacificViewMall #SantaShop for taking good care of us #DogDads. They made us feel welcome among all the parents with their infants. 🙂 #KookyCaninePeople To see photos from Christmas … Continue reading

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Pack update

Hello friends. It’s Rufus, Emily & Lily. ❤ ❤ ❤ Quick update. Life is good. We’re maintaining and sustaining, and we’re looking forward to celebrating our 15th Christmas with our frosty face Rufus. We suspect this will be his last. … Continue reading

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Happy 8th Birthday Emily Sue

Today our sweet black and tan smooth dachshund Emily Sue turned 8 years old. ❤ The story is Emily, along with her litter mates and mom, were surrendered to the Lancaster Shelter one day after she was born. We took … Continue reading

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Sophie 3.0

Question: Do you want to drive to LA for some pastries and puppy love? Me: Duh.  I’m a real homebody, especially with Rufus writing his final chapter. I find comfort being at home with my pack. It can be isolating … Continue reading

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He’s still here

Good times and bum times, we’ve seen them all and, my dear, he’s still here!!!  Wednesday, Aug. 21st, Rufus celebrated his 15th birthday. What an absolutely beautiful milestone. We’re so grateful for it. ❤ We commemorated the midweek, midday occasion … Continue reading

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The final chapter

Rufus. The final chapter: Friday, August 2nd, Rufus woke up lethargic; we were deeply concerned. Why do dogs seem to get an ailment right as we go into the weekend when the vets’ office hours become limited?? Saturday, August 3rd, … Continue reading

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