Fashion is functional friends

Fashion is functional friends
Fashion is functional friends

In the last 16 years, we have publicly discussed why it is important for dogs to wear clothes many times. Nonetheless, it continues to be a hot topic in our community of loyal and devoted dog lovers. So once again, let’s review for all the new people here, and anyone in need of a polite reminded. It’s good for people understand the purpose behind our practices.

Fashion debate continues
Fashion debate continues
Fashion debate continues
Fashion debate continues

After having 10-week old puppy Rufus for 5 very long days, we knew we needed help immediately. We sought it from a famous Hollywood dog trainer who remains a close friend today. He taught us to put Rufus in clothes not just because of our keen sense of style, but because getting Rufus used to wearing clothes would be very helpful if he ever needed to wear a surgical bandage or other wound dressing. #EyeOpening #TheMoreYouKnow #AhaMoment 👀

And, I can you tell today with certainty that it happens and happened more often than I wanted it to in 16 years, but we were grateful Rufus wasn’t bothered by it. Rufus was attacked on a beach by a big dog once and had to have stitches and required a dressing. Rufus had to have his paw wrapped once because of an infection, and he had to wear doggles during his many cold laser light therapies, and that’s only a few examples that quickly come to mind.

Emily, Lily and Rufus
Emily, Lily and Rufus

We believe part of being a responsible guardian of these of sweet souls, is thinking and planning for the future (within reason). Dogs are wonderful about living in the moment and not dwelling on the past or preoccupied with the future, but… as their humans we need to equip them (and us) with the right tools (and mindset) for when the unexpected tragedy becomes a reality. #BeingPrepared #ItWillHappen

Here is our pack practices. We never leave a dog in clothes alone. Our pack of precious pups only wear clothes while being supervised by their humans. At first, each hound was a little hesitant and confused about wearing clothes, but we rewarded them with treats and ensure the experience was fun and positive. Additionally, for first timers, we only put our pampered pooches in clothes for small intervals of time to start. We might keep them in their clothes for 5 to 10 minutes initially, and then the next time, a little longer until it’s wasn’t a consideration or concern for us or our style hounds.

Rufus has been to more than half of the states in the union, and he has experienced all the many different climates and temperatures one often does when traveling. He has walked in rain while in New York, he has peep in snow while in the mountains and pooped in the desert; he has visited beaches in Chicagos, Cafes in LA and mores. Rufus has traveled by plane, train, automobile and boat. And on many occasions, he has had to wear a jacket, a sweater, a life vest or other appropriate clothing to keep him safe and secure from the elements. For us fashion serves a functional purpose.

Lastly, don’t wait until the last minute. I believe this point is obvious and we’ve already made it today, but to be sure, here it is again. If you know you’re going on a boat and you plan to put your hot dog in life vest, get him used to it weeks in advance. Don’t show up the day of your water adventure and expect him to be cool in it, especially if he has never experienced it before. Make sense?! Don’t take your SoCal posh pup, who is used to the dry heat and has never seen rains, to the wet, cold and rustic Santa Fe in December without some prior conditioning and preparation.

But I will also say for us, it’s equal parts fun. We love to dress up our darling dachshunds in cute and stylish clothes. Ours, thanks to our diligent practices, don’t mind it and we enjoy it, so why not.?! Sometimes, the purpose of clothes, is to create smiles and laughs and maybe a few giggles, and gosh, we always welcome a reason to grin from ear to ear. #ClothesOnDogsAreNotThatSerious

Hope that helps friends. Every hound and human are unique and different. If it doesn’t work for you and yours to dress up your dachshund(s), we accept. No of us are making you, and for those of us that do, know that for us fashion is fun and functional. #DontYuckOurYum

This topic of discussion is timely because our friends at Witzig just released their new limited edition denim vest. And our handsome hounds are brand ambassadors so check them it out in theirs spreading the message of LOVE and PEACE.

Tail wags. Face licks. And butt wiggles to you and yours from Rufus and his pack mates. Have a wonderful week friends.

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Little Lovely Lily Blossom
Little Lovely Lily Blossom
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