14 Extractions at age 16

Rufus finally gets his dental cleaning.

After a two year hiatus, two years to the date, this Saturday, March 13, Rufus returned to Veterinary Dental Specialties & Oral Surgery in Santa Barbara, California, and under the watchful eye and care of Dr. Robert Furman (and team) completed a dental prophylaxis (cleaning). Skipping a cleaning in 2020, really did take a toll on Rufus’ oral health. Rufus had to have 14 extractions: 7 premolars, 2 molars and 5 incisors.

The experience was not cheap, but we believe it was a great investment in Rufus’ quality of life and continued well being. He may just make it to 17 (August 2021). πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸ½

Before the cleaning.

Naturally, we want to give a big shout out to VDS&OG / Dr. Furman and team. Dr. Furman is a board certified specialist, and only works on one patient at a time while we wait. It’s truly such specialized and personalized care and attention that’s unparalleled. Dr. Furman and team are who we take our sick and old dogs to visit when normal veterinarians are no longer able to do it. We highly recommend them.

Thank you Daniel & Dr. Furman.

Rufus had his first meal, post dental cleaning, tonight around 10 pm and our hearts are full. He remains a little wobbly when walking because of the lingering effects of mild anesthesia and pain meds, but Dr. Furman said Rufus did very well. We’re so proud of our boy.

After the cleaning.

Two dachshunds done, and one to go. Lily gets her dental cleaning (at our normal vet) on Tuesday. Wish us luck, and we’ll keep everyone posted.

Rufus. Hound & Human.


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3 Responses to 14 Extractions at age 16

  1. dackels says:

    Hi. I did all six in February as I always do. No extractions ! They did well! I am so glad Rufus passed with minimal problems. Miss all of you… Susie and my gang.

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  2. GINA FOMIN says:

    You are so handsome and brave! Here’s to quick healing. Love you bunches β™₯️😊

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