Rufus get laser therapy

The vet believes Rufus is showing signs of improvement, but we must be steadfast in our resolve to keep him crated. It’s not fun for us, because as he feels better via the medicine and treatment, he naturally wants to run and play. So it’s up to us (his humans) to be responsible and keep him confined and his activities limited. A little sacrifice now will hopefully yield many more happy years of an active lifestyle to come. Thanks again friends for all the support and encouragement. Please know we read all of your comments. We may not always be able to reply to them all, but we do read them and your words, positive vibes and personal shares do help us. Thank you!

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10 Responses to Rufus get laser therapy

  1. laura oldham says:

    so sorry to hear about rufus. i love him and his buddys i sure hope he gets better real soon. god bless him.

  2. Pam says:

    As I said before, it’s harder on the parent than on the fur-baby, but it’s sooooo worth it!! Stick with it
    and give him lots of love. Even his pack-mates know and they will support him through this. He’ll get the message eventually and will go with the program. It’s a long slow process, but worth the wait. Prayers and good thoughts.

  3. Rahima says:

    With u all – heart and spirit.

  4. vkpretz says:

    He did a good job..Sweet Rufus..Prayers continue for you little man. Love & hugs..XXXOOO

  5. Wishing you and praying for you,Rufus, that you get well real fast.
    Love you. Xoxo

  6. Louise Bond says:

    Continue prayers for Rufus. Many years ago are Long hair mini long Miss Amber, require crate rest for several weeks. She is now 14 going on 15 in December. We would more the crate into the lounge during the day, then to the bedroom opposite. Tender loving care around the clock. The vet recommend surgery. We decided on crate rest ten years ago. She made a full recovery. We just kept her play time with the balls little and often throughout the day with plenty of rest in between. Just has naturally slow down this year. Otherwise she is in great health. With known further back problems. Sending healing wishes from overseas. Greet well wishes for Rufus. đź’ť

  7. Jackie Sikora says:

    So glad to hear Rufus is improving! I know how hard it can be to keep one quiet when they don’t want to be quiet! My Danny actually escaped from a portable, indoor fence once. Still haven’t figured that one out as the gate was still locked & all was normal except Danny was out of it! I made sure afterward that someone was here with him when I had to leave!

  8. Peabody's mom says:

    You’re so right about crate training…and crate rest. Peabody has had three episodes , and the last two resolved with 8 weeks crate rest, just like Dodger’s List says to do it. Here’s every good wish for successful –and happy (!) — recovery to Rufus, and to the girls, who no doubt are feeling something’s amiss with their pack…

  9. dackels says:

    hi…how is rufus doing? we are all laying low here. i have been spending a lot of time at home……preparing for our trip on tuesday and too hot to be out. i won’t be at the october meet up. we are looking forward to seeing our photos. hugs to all. susie and the gang…

  10. Diane says:

    Sending good thoughts to Rufus and his humans.

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