Rufus’ Super Sweet Sixteen Book

Rufus' Super Sweet Sixteen Book
Rufus’ Super Sweet Sixteen Book
Rufus' Super Sweet Sixteen Book
Rufus’ Super Sweet Sixteen Book

Rufus’ Super Sweet Sixteen book has arrived, and we love it! As I previously mentioned, this is our first time working #Blurb, and although we had heard many good things about the publishing company, one is never really sure, until he is. We are now sure and satisfied with the results.

So friends, if you want to take a piece of Rufus home with you to commemorate his 16 year journey to date, please grab your copy here. We’re very pleased with the final product, and think you will be too. All profits from the book will benefit DOGS’ charity.

We hope all of our friends had a safe and relaxing Labor Day Weekend. We stayed close to home, and did our best to avoid the heat wave torturing Southern California residents. Thankfully being close to Pacific Ocean meant, we didn’t suffer as bad as some of our friends inland.

Rufus continues to maintain and sustain. Sunday Funday was a little rough to start, because Rufus pooped inside, then vomited twice and later peed. Sometimes, I think he just gets confused where “outside” is. But, we just clean it up and keep moving. No drama here. Thank you Nature’s Miracle. Despite it all, Rufus still seemed to be of good cheer today; so we choose to be happy too. He did eat some dinner; provided I hand fed him. He enjoyed a hamburger patty from Wood Ranch; while he’s pack gobbled their kibble. I continue to mix in his prescribed kibble, but he lately just eats around it. #SmartDog #Spoiled

Okay friends. With great affection and appreciation, Rufus and his pack say thanks for tuning in and being an amazing source of support to us. Tail wags, face licks and wiggle butts from ours to yours. May we all have a wonderful week. πŸ₯°βœŒπŸΌπŸŒˆ

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Rufus' Super Sweet Sixteen Book
Rufus’ Super Sweet Sixteen Book
Rufus' Super Sweet Sixteen Book
Rufus’ Super Sweet Sixteen Book
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2 Responses to Rufus’ Super Sweet Sixteen Book

  1. Denise Beard says:

    I am so glad to hear that he is hanging in there & especially that he is eating. One of our girls who is only 12 ish, has many health issues ( she is a puppy mill rescue & our holistic vet says she got dealt a bad genetic deck & we have been fighting it for years though she has really started to decline) so we can totally relate to pooping, peeing in the house. You just clean it up & try your best accommodate their needs & cherish each day you have with them while not trying to show them your worry. It is easier said than done to show worry, but we try our best. I continue to send my thoughts to you all.

    • Thank you Denise. We appreciate your continued support and friendship. You’ve been around for our journey many years now. Always good to hear from you. Best of luck to you and your pack. Hang in there. #FluidsHappen

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