BK Atelier, Modern Dachshund Carriers

Who’s the cute canine in the carrier? Lily? Emily? Rufus? Why all three, silly.

It’s should come as no surprise, to anyone who really knows us, that our pack of style hounds and their humans enjoy a really well made fashionable dog carrier. We travel often with our pack of pooches, and with three in tow, it’s sometimes easier to carry one or all, then allow them to walk. #DontStepOnMyDogsPlease

We have been fans and supporters of the BK Atelier dog carrier brand since 2012, and we got our first bag in 2014; after Milo and his human recommended it. We had our first bag from February 2014 through July 2019; five years and five months. We loved it so much it that it only made sense to get another when the time came. The improvements and enhancements the brand has made in the years since 2012/2014, are amazing and only strengthened our love the brand.

We’re taking our first post(ish)-pandemic work/vacation this July, and we’re looking forward to the family road trip. In preparation we have acquired two new dog carriers so that each posh pup has his and her own. #ProofIsInThePictures

Lily is now the proud pooch of the Karli in Luxe Midnight. This bag is ideal for small pups, like our little nervous nelly Lily.

Emily now calls Mia (in Midnight matte, size large) her special transport. *** Thank you Sandy Tibbels for the early birthday gift. *** This bag is great for larger and taller pooches. Emily is the biggest of our three.

And our regal old man Rufus continues to calls the Nat tote in champagne his. This bag is less structured, but very roomy for Rufus.

As the world begins to reopen and we start to move across the country again (and eventually the world) and we take our canine companions with us, consider BK Atelier. We remain unofficial brand ambassadors and fans of their products.

This is not a paid ad, and our family has bought and paid for all of our dog carriers. Our endorsement comes from us freely and directly. We have gone through many different carriers in the last 17 years, some brands are now defunct, and we understand the struggle to secure a safe and stylish dog bag that properly fits our long-bodied and short-legged sassy sausage dogs. These carriers are Rufus, Emily and Lily approved.

To learn more about the brand visit their website. Our only note is to read the dimensions carefully to ensure you get the right size for your wonderful wiener dog; all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

Product note: the bag charms are sold separately. The two 101 Dalmatians charms for Emily and Lily, are from Coach; Rufus’ cancer charm is from DVF. How will you personalize your bag?!

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