Remembering Rufus Tuesday

Rufus at Joshua Tree 2017

A popular pop cultural social-media trend is Throwback Thursday. I think it started around 2013; according to the internet, and as of late has been less trendy as more people are doing Flashback Friday. I’m a fan of both, but why not celebrate Throwback Tuesday!? Thursday is generally a high traffic social media day which is why Thursday was originally picked, but… I want to propose #ThrowbackTuesday, #RememberingRufus. 🥰✌🏼

Tuesday is the day of the week that we said goodbye to Rufus, and today is 10 weeks since he left us. And for anyone keeping track, I finally stopped crying everyday. The Monday after, what would have been his 17th birthday, the tears just inexplicably dried up. I still get emotionally triggered by the weirdest things, but I’m glad to be more emotionally stable. I feel like I’m truly transitioning from the deep grief and pain of his loss to the daily celebration of a beautiful life well lived. Thank you friends for all your support and encouragement during this terribly difficult time.

Going forward we plan to celebrate Rufus each Tuesday. We want to create new memories with the girls, and are actively doing so. I have taken all my love and showered it on them; one might say it has been a deluge of love for our lady hounds. But of course, not one day has passed that I don’t think of my best boy Rufus, and having a designated day for his remembrance works nicely. I think the serve grief and pain I was experiencing 24 days isn’t gone, but has simply moved from the foreground to the back; giving me space to accept and practice our new normal.

Today’s Remembering Rufus takes us back to 2017; when we visited Joshua Tree for the day. Rufus had such a good time this day. We all did. The sights. The smells. The bonding. #ProofIsInThePictures friends.

Please feel free to share your favorite memories of Rufus in the comments here or on social media. Love ya!!!

Stay safe.

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