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DOGS Summer 2014 tees

It is with great pleasure that we’re able to debut our DOGS Summer 2014 T-shirt designs. As promised, with our third installment we’re now offering a wirehair edition: Joey in black. Additionally, all other previous designs have been retired and … Continue reading

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RIP Max and Baxter

Yesterday our community loss two wonderful dachshunds: Max and Baxter. The only silver lining in their passing is that both dachshunds lived very long and full lives. Both darling dachshunds were featured in the book for charity 102 Dachshunds. If … Continue reading

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Wirehair Wednesday

Keeping with the theme from yesterday, it’s Griz and her good friends Rufus and Emily. The look of a dachshund conveys so much to us doting dachshund humans. They really can say volumes with their eyes, and I feel like … Continue reading

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Throwback Tuesday

Visiting the vault of pictures past, I found these from December 2012 of our dear dachshund friend Griz. Enjoy dachshund pals. It’s a wirehair throwback Tuesday.

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Dachshunds at play

I love dachshunds at play. I love watching them wrestle and play chase. For us, doxies are truly entertaining any time and all the time. What do you think!?

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Nosey doxies

I love it when I’m photographing dachshunds, and they come right up to the camera with their inquisitive noses to check it out. For me they provide some very entertaining photos. I love seeing those hound dog noses at work. … Continue reading

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Standard wirehairs

Every 3rd Sunday of the month is what I call “Sunday Doxie Fun Day.” For the last 9 years we have been meeting monthly with our social group LA Doxies. This weekend was our annual pack walk, and I got … Continue reading

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Kasie, the wirehair

Sometimes I have dachshund cravings, and as I was considering today’s post, I was longing to feature a wirehair dachshund. After a quick review of my archives I decided to share Kasie.  Our longhair dachshunds T-shirts arrive on Monday for disbursement, … Continue reading

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Millie is one of Dachshund Paws and Pals’ rescues and is meeting a perspective forever family today (Monday). We’re keeping our paws and tails crossed in hopes it’s another love match for the rescue. Millie came the organization as a … Continue reading

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Wilbur update

Yesterday we got to visit with our friend Wilbur, the wirehair dachshund. Wilbur recently had neck surgery. Despite his odd haircut and new neck accessory, he is doing remarkably well. He was able to walk, pee and poop almost immediately … Continue reading

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