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On the road again

Road trips are a personal favorite of mine. Rufus loves them. He likes being in the car, sitting in my lap and falling asleep to the steady motion of a moving vehicle, and when the opportunity is given he loves … Continue reading

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Meet Abbey

Abbey, the black and tan smooth doxie, was a real character when I photographed her last year. She would bark when I would hold a treat, which made for some fun photos. I caught her mid-bark with her mouth in … Continue reading

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Summertime fun

With the Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, I know many of us are solidifying our summer travel plans. Last year Rufus and family took a road trip, and in 20 days we visited 15 states. One of my favorite stops … Continue reading

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Unabashedly beautiful

Helen, the chocolate smooth dapple dachshund, quickly melts the heart. In the doxie community we easily recognize her distinct markings as dapple, but this native Texan sees the all too familiar Holstein cattle pattern. Of course, I don’t mean to … Continue reading

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Rescue doxie alert – Dixie

It’s double doxie rescue week. Look at this petite beauty. Dixie the miniature dachshund is guesstimated to be about 8. Her shiny black and tan coat is sprinkled with grey, and her movement through the dog park today reflected confidence … Continue reading

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Rescue doxie alert – Stan

Introducing Stan the standard dachshund. At under a year old, the newly neutered pup is full of energy. Stan is an absolutely sweet doxie looking for his forever home. His adoption is being overseen by Southern California Dachshund Rescue Relief. … Continue reading

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Doxie roll

We’ve all seen it. Your loveable doxie finds that patch of grass rich with an aroma that only it can smell and then proceeds to roll in it feverishly – often right after a recent bath. Milo demonstrates the fame … Continue reading

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Springtime Rufus

Dachshunds love to sunbath, and Rufus is no exception. He can often be found outside soaking up some rays.

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New and improved

Presenting the new and improved Emily Sue. I’m so very proud that both of my furkids are neutered and spayed. Bob Barker was right. Help control the pet overpopulation; spay and neuter your dachshunds.

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Emily retrospective continued

Emily is now spayed, baby teeth pulled and microchipped. She has been an ideal patient, and I haven’t even had to put the cone on her. Above is a photo from January when we first got Emily and below is … Continue reading

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